Why you should use bollards in public car parks

From simple retail facilities to massive factories, every industry needs bollards. Shopping malls and stalls install bollards as barriers during festivities and for decoration. Offices, restaurants and other public areas utilize bollards for safety and for security. When you walk to an entertainment center or sports venue and even government institutions offices, bollards are one of the things that you can’t miss. Bollards are common in parking areas; in your local library, grocery stores, airports, train stations, and other multilevel parking closures. Wherever you go, you’re likely to see all types of bollards, of all colors.

Following are some of the uses of bollards in public car parks

Government buildings

Police stations, courts, legislative buildings, fire departments and all use bollards to identify, and direct traffic flow as well as protecting property. These ensure that government visitors are protected when visiting government offices while prohibiting vehicles from accessing the restricted area. The type of bollards used in these places depends on the area. When installing them in these areas, you can add a cast-iron cover to maintain aesthetics and for safety requirements. Every government office should have strong bollards that can stop unwanted vehicles from entering in the event of an accident.

Transportation centers

The entry and exit points like airports and other transportation centers experience a high traffic flow of both vehicles and people on a daily basis.  Long and short distance vehicles are everywhere and the centers are sometimes full to capacity. With bollards, the management in these areas is able to control the traffic, ensure everyone is secure while maintaining a smooth flow. Bollards regulate pathways, designated areas and therefore prevent vehicle accidents.


The shipping and receiving bays in warehouses are very busy areas and thus bollards come handy to offer protection. With bollards, there is protection from both intentional and accidental crashes.  Again, heavy machinery can lead to serious accidents; here you must use strong and long bollards, at least 8mm long. They are also used to direct truckers on where to stop and load. Most of these are lighted and highly reflective and therefore a driver can easily spot them through the mirrors and headlights.

Used in toll booths

When it comes to moving vehicles, toll booths are very risky places. These are located near tunnels, parking lots and bridges. Most accidents happen in these areas because the driver gets easily distracted and therefore a bollard helps in directing the motorists in these areas.

Shopping malls

These places have very high traffic flow, especially during festivities. Without proper planning and management, the numbers can be overwhelming and accidents can easily occur. Many shopping malls are fitted with bollards all around the building corners and at intersections. They help in directing traffic to the different areas around the mall and at as barriers to access to designated areas in and around the building.

Bollards are key in controlling both vehicular and human traffic in public places. Whenever you drive into a public area, you just need to look for those well-patterned bollards, which will show you the direction to your parking and warn you on restricted areas