Why Should Your Business Be Using Paper Bags

Paper bags have been seen by many as the perfect alternative to the plastic bag. With a simple shape and variable thickness, they can be completely customised to suit the products that you are selling. But what else makes them so great? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into why your business should be making that all-important switch to paper.

Waging The War On Plastic

One of the key reasons that you should be using paper bags for your business is to wage the war on plastic. With a majority of companies charging 5p per bag for those that want one, several customers are now opting to bring their own bags to the store to cut down on plastic and save money. This is a missed marketing opportunity for your business and could better the shopping experience for your customers.

Greater Printing Opportunities

In addition to it being a missed marketing opportunity, there is also a range of different printing options when it comes to designing your own printed paper bags. Whether you decide to have the logo in the centre of the bag or you move it to one side and replace it with a slogan, this can all aid in capturing the attention of the target audience and boost the awareness of your brand. This is evident in highstreet chains such as Primark that provide paper bags free of charge for all their customers. Though this will take time to design, these can be printed, again and again, allowing you to provide packaging that is practical.


Another reason for you to be using a paper bag in your business is that they are cost-effective. Not only is the material relatively easy to source, but the process of manufacturing is also significantly cheaper. With the ability to print mass orders all at once, you are saving your business money as a result without compromising on the quality. Simply choose the type of bag that you want, along with the design and the manufactures will take care of the rest, allowing you to ensure your packaging is fit for purpose whilst showcasing your branding perfectly.

Completely Customisable 

The final reason to choose a paper bag is that it is completely customisable. Not only can you change the logo that is present on the front, but youcan also change the size of the bag as well as the overall manufacturing process to ensure that the bag is strong enough to hold your items. When you have perfected the manufacturing process, you can provide a durable bag to your customers that can hold a wide range of items as they shop. This can then be stored in their homes and used again and again for maximum exposure of your brand.

With this in mind, there are several reasons why you should consider switching to paper bags in the near future and begin catering to your new wave of eco-friendly customers. Where will you start with your design process?