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Why Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+?

The latest smartphones are found to be equipped with the high-end specifications, amazing designs, and also a feature packed Operating system that looks and works incredibly good. Two of the hot selling mobile phones on the market are Galaxy S8 and S8+. Both these brilliant pieces have captured the entire market.


These remarkable Samsung phones come with all-glass design and a sexy appearance. Some of its fantastic design specifications are 5.8″/ 6.2” Infinity QHD+ display, a Snapdragon 835 processor 4GB RAM, NFC + MST, Bluetooth 5.0, Android 7.0+ “Nougat makes them simply irresistible. This brand has first time incorporated on-screen buttons and fingerprint reader that adds a classy and user-friendly touch to a phone.

64GB Storage

Most of the phones that offer 32GB fail to provide storage space for download of applications etc. This is because the system, operating system, as well as associated files take up a lot of space which leaves you with not much room for download of apps. To solve this issue, there was a need of a phone that offers a large storage space. This helps people with sufficient space for applications, photos, video recording, files, etc.

Both Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones provide remarkable storage of 64GB which is again expandable. This is the largest storage space offered by any other mobile phones ever on the market. The maximum amount of storage that is supported by is 256GB. Such huge storage space at such a ridiculously cheap on Flipkart makes it worth investing your money on.

 Samsung Galaxy

Size Options

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus phone are edge variants. Galaxy S8 plus has a larger size than Galaxy S8 phone. The in-hand feel of both the phones is appreciable. For gaming purpose, S8+ is highly immersive. Watching television or movies on it gives a fantastic experience to its users.


Both of these phones are useful in taking amazing photographs. With Galaxy S8 and S8+, you will find an immensely helpful 12MP Dual Pixel shooter that is capable of capturing UHD 4K video, slo-mo video at 240FPS and FHD video at 60FPS. This is perfect phones made for versatile shooters who excel in macro and landscape shots.

If you want to switch to a selfie mode, all you need is to flick the display. This will automatically switch your camera to selfie mode. If you want to click a video, then you would not need to slide it to a different mode. There is a Pro mode that enables shooters to tweak settings, such as your ISO, tint, aperture, temperature, contrast, and exposure manually.


Most of the people who purchase a cellphone do it out of impulse. They are just attracted with the model and feel of the phone and make buying decision on that basis. This sometimes leads to disappointment to them. Getting the smartphone of your dreams depends on the quality of your research. Better research on Galaxy S8 and S8+ will help you make your purchase satisfactory and fulfilling.