Why no.1 Yaari is the most loved talk show

The Tollywood industry is well known for the production of movies. It is one of the second-largest producers of the cinema after Bollywood. The Telugu film industry’s contribution to the Indian Film Industry is incredible. The Telugu movies are very well known for their creativity which attracts audiences. Many talk shows are also part of this famous industry alongwith films, enjoyed by the audiences. Movies, talk shows, and web series all are part of the industry to entertain people. You can stream and watch the movies, talk shows, and web series online through the OTT platform aha, a perfect place to find the latest movies, shows, and web series in the Telugu language. Minimal subscription fees on Aha will give you unlimited enjoyment anytime and anywhere. The no.1 Yaari talk show is a pleasure to watch due to its unique concept and format with Rana Daggubatilike icing on the cake.

No. 1 Yaari, a television talk show is produced by the Motion content group. Rana welcomes various actors and actresses from the Tamil and Telugu film industry and have fun chats with them on the show. Until now, Rana has done two seasons of the show and has received a remarkable response from the audience. The fans are super excited with the announcement of season 3 to be hosted by Rana again. The show is mesmerizing as Rana communicating with the guests is very appealing. Rana shared his real friendship stories in the first season. Season two was about his childhood memories with the school friends, and the third season is based on his new approach toward friendships and a new perspective in life. The show gained popularity among the young generation. They loved to watch and hear the bond Rana shared with his friends. The funny moments within and playing games between the show added a charm to the show. The way Rana hosts the show is a treat to watch and does not allow you to leave the show without watching it entirely. He holds the show with lots of amazing surprises for the guests and engages them in fun activities with a touch of comedy and fun.

Watching Rana in his new avatar delights the viewers with his wit and humor. The fans are super excited to watch Rana again with more chats and funny moments he shares with his friends. Watching Rana with some more fun on Aha can be a wonderful experience. You can watch No.1 Yaari show online on the OTT platform aha. By downloading the application on your mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs, you can enjoy the show at a premium. All you have to do is get an aha application and enjoy your talk show at your convenience. With aha, you can delight in your favorite movies, talk shows, and web series online just a click away anytime and anywhere. Get aha subscribed and unlock the fun at your home.