Why is employee tracking necessary?

Employee tracking system:

Employee tracking system is a system that is used to track and monitor the performances and the efficiency of the employees. This system can be used to categorise the employee based on their performance and schedule their work accordingly. When the employee scheduling is done online then it is called as online employee scheduling. This is more efficient since it can be done from anywhere with the use of the internet. One such website which does online employee scheduling is .

Time Clock Genie

It is the company which is an expert in online employee scheduling. It offers its clients the various methods of online employee scheduling depending on the employees and their capabilities. The website is also used for employee tracking which is very accurate and dependable. Online employee scheduling deals with methods like shift swap, schedule duplication and quick editing.

Shift swap

When an employee is unavailable to work then, his/her work schedules can be swapped with another employee. This is called as shift swap.

Schedule duplication

This method is done when two or more employees are given the same schedule. This method of online employee scheduling just copies the already existing schedule and follows it with or without minor changes.

Quick editing

The quick editing process is done in emergencies where all the scheduling is created in an efficient and quick manner.

Other benefits of Time Clock Genie

The other benefits are the employees working based on the schedule and getting paid according to the job done by them. A connection between the employee and the management is created by means of SMS. All the unscheduled works are accordingly scheduled with the highest accuracy by the company.

Why is employee tracking necessary?

 In a large scale industry, it is difficult to keep track of all the employees and assign them works individually. Hence it is important for the online employee scheduling to monitoring and assign the respective jobs to the employees. By monitoring the activities of the employees they are classified based on their efficiency and hard work and are assigned different departments in their area of expertise. Hence it is necessary to track all the employees.