Why installing split system is important for your home

Split System Air Conditioner has become the most popular and cost-effective way to cover multiple areas of your home. These ductless units offer tons of benefits, which makes them an attractive purchase. Further, they have many advantages over the traditional window air conditioners. In today’s time, they are a must for every house. To ease your work, install a split system air conditioner with Snowman.

Easy installation

Gone are the days, when you used to look for a place for your window air conditioner. You can install the split system almost anywhere! Moreover, you don’t have to create holes to fit the system on your wall. For the best results, you can install a split system air conditioner with Snowman. Even, the outdoor compressor is kept at a distance from the central unit. However, you must hire a professional to install the system since there is a chance that you may overload the circuit.

Efficient Filtration and Attractive look

When the air passes through the system, it removes the harmful particles and makes it clean. Thus, it is a boon for patients who are allergic to dust/minute particles. If the split system is reverse cycle air conditioner type, then it offers a dual advantage, it keeps the house cold during summers and warm during winters.

It’s hard to deny that split system is attractive in its looks. It will blend smoothly with the surroundings of your home. For windows air conditioner, you required creating a hole to fit it in.


If you install a split system, you will notice it is quiet. Unlike, the other air conditioners, its external condenser has a separate location.  The air handler is inside the house while the condenser is present outside the home. Thus, the air conditioners won’t disturb your sleep anymore. The split has steady hum while Window air conditioner makes a lot of noise.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

The split system is known for its efficiency. The hot side is isolated from the cold side in the unit. Besides, it may cost initially more than a regular air conditioner, but on the long-run, it is cost-effective.

Coverage Area

It is one of the best advantages of the Split system. It can cool the entire house through indoor handling air units. You can set the temperature of different zones and turn off the air in a particular area too. Since it is ductless, it even reduces the energy bill costs as only one split system is enough. If you connect it to a thermostat, it will automatically turn on or off the system as per the temperature.

Though Spilt system air conditioners may have a few disadvantages, the advantages outweigh them. Therefore, it is beneficial to install a split system in your home.