Why Google Pixel 2 will be the best smartphone

A new Google smartphone, called Google Pixel, is a really interesting Android device. It received many positive reviews from leading publications and experts. Nevertheless, we should note that Google Pixel cannot be called the ideal Android smart phone.

On the other hand, we have several reasons to believe that the next generation of Google Pixel 2 can be the best smartphone in the market. After Google Pixel was announced, many discussed who the manufacturer of the smartphone is. As we remember, last year Huawei released a good smartphone Nexus 6P. Everyone said that the Chinese manufacturer will continue to work on Google smartphones. But it was not there.

Cause? Google does not want to place the brand of the manufacturer in the case of the device. Even Google Pixel received only a small G logo on the back. Thus, Google turned to HTC, which happily accepted all the conditions and adhered to all instructions from the search giant.

There are two different types of smartphone manufacturers: OEM and ODM. OEM equipment is a manufacturer of the equipment. One of the largest OEM manufacturers as Samsung and LG. They independently produce chips, processors, memory, camera sensors and the like for their mobile devices. ODM (original design manufacturer) is a manufacturer that develops equipment on order. For example, Foxconn produces the necessary parts for the Apple iPhone.

If before HTC was an OEM manufacturer, because the company released its own smartphones, today it began to turn into an ODM manufacturer. For example, recently HTC has released a smartphone HTC Evo 4G under the order of the American operator of communication Sprint.

Google does not have its own production of components for mobile devices, so it needed to either create it, which is long and tedious or find a ready organization that can cope with this task. As a result, Google chose HTC.

Google and HTC have fewer months to develop and produce the next generation of Google Pixel 2. It seems a lot, but considering the mass production, designing, updating, studying user feedback and press, etc., there is not much time left.

Google Pixel is the first smartphone, so it’s kind of a test. Now, when Google knows a clear idea of how an ideal smartphone should look like, and also has a good partner in the face of HTC, the company can release the best smartphone on the market.

It seems that we finally have the first real image of the Google Pixel 2, at least the smallest model and that the Mountain View will announce in the coming weeks for an estimated departure between October and November. If you were expecting Google to revolutionize with the iterations of your Pixel this year you are very wrong because the company has decided to bet on the continuity and tradition in their new phones.

Evan Blass, a well-known phone filtered, claims to have the first images of the Google Pixel 2, and in view of its success rate, we take them for granted. We are facing a new Google phone that could disappoint at first sight with a design with more common frames without being precisely reduced and a traditionalist finish without the inclusion of the dual camera in any of the models.