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Why Copper Mosaic Tiles are Great for Bathrooms & Kitchens

One of my own personal favorites when it comes to tiling materials is copper. It looks especially chique when used in a mosaic form, and as a kitchen backsplash tile. Most of us associate copper with coins and loose change and because of the monetary value of the coins, copper is sometimes unfairly dubbed an unfashionable metal. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and there are some great ways you can use this metal, not least in your bathroom and kitchen.


Copper mosaic tiles are especially good, because they are quite durable. Compared to a normal tile, a tile made of copper is a lot less prone to any cracks, making it longer lasting. Of course, it can still crack, but it would take quite a bit of force to crack a copper mosaic tile.

There is also another cool feature of copper you might not know about. Say for example you scratched the surface of your copper tile, the newly exposed copper acts much like the top layer, so the structural integrity of the tile is not really compromised.

Antibacterial & Aesthetics

We feel that a copper tile goes with most kitchens and bathrooms, no matter what color the overall look of the room is. This makes it very versatile (no pun intended). Sometimes, it can really be a distinguishing feature of a new bathroom or kitchen to have copper tiles, as they are not commonly used.

Oh, and you will probably appreciate that the kitchen and the bathroom are typically not always very clean. I bet you didn’t know that copper has some neat antibacterial properties? Copper actually possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, and recent research has fount that it has an excellent effect on some nasty bugs such as E. coli, B. subtilis and S. aureus bacteria, which can be found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Resistant to Staining

If you have tiles in your current bathroom or kitchen, it can be an arduous task to get rid of any stubborn stains, especially if you have white tiles that really accentuate the stain. If you have this problem, copper tiles are a fantastic solution. All you need to clean your copper tiles is some soap and hot water, with a normal wipe, and this should be sufficient enough to clean the copper tiling.

Copper tiles can be used in many different projects. For example, we have seen people use copper mosaic tiles to tile their bathroom floor. This is not an expensive option, and can be particularly effective if the copper is quite shiny. If this is not to your taste, another option is to create abacksplash made of copper.

Whatever way you choose to use copper mosaic tiles in your property, you will be sure to create a unique talking point. Why not check out these antique copper mosaic tiles – https://www.belktile.com/antique-copper-mosaic-tiles/.