Apartment for Rent in Dubai City

Why A Secure Rental Will Help You Save Money

Are you going to rent your home? Before making any decision, we anticipate that you need a secure rental in your home, and not only for the security it offers, but also for the economic savings. Attentive!

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Having the maximum guarantees in the rent is already a symptom of savings. That’s why when renting as a private person there are many expenses that we have to assume without hardly making sure of them. Even more, if finally things do not go as we wanted then we have to resort to lawyers.

Having a secure rental is having the maximum guarantees on the rental and, therefore, having legal advice. Here are the reasons why a secure rental will help you save money:


Finding the ideal tenant for a rental property is the most important element to have a safe rent and save.

This point, although it may seem simple, is not easy, that is why, in Secure Rental we select the best tenant, through financial aid studies, in this way, we can guarantee that the best tenant will be in your house, and that you will not have any case of late payment.

Apartment for Rent in Dubai City

The perfect tenant is the one who pays on time and who takes care of the property as if it were their own, always respecting what was agreed in the contract and can only be offered by Secure Rental.


The damage to a floor is common in any home, no matter how good the tenant who lives in your home, always small incidents that require the attention of the owner may occur.

Therefore, to facilitate everything to the parties, Secure Rental has the option of comprehensive management service, in this way, we take care of everything related to housing, from repairs, to registration of supplies or legal issues.

Take care of nothing with the comprehensive management of your rental and save money and time. We take care of the management of the house and report any aspect to you so that you are always up to date.


That tenant page is the biggest concern for a landlord. That is why in Secure Rental we guarantee to all our owners the punctual collection of the rents on the 5th of each month and we keep delinquencies at 0% .

The guarantee of the punctual collection of the rents already supposes a saving in if to the property, since it avoids having to resort to jurists and the claim of non-payments in the case of running into a professional delinquent tenant.


Before renting and for the entire duration of the rental contract . You are well advised by the best lawyers, specialists in urban leases, will offer you extra peace of mind in your rental.

In addition, with the professional real estate advice of Secure Rental, it guarantees that you will always have the best experts and professionals in each sector taking care of your property.

The latest amendments to the law regarding leases, deadlines, deposit of bonds, termination of contracts, type of clause and breaches of contract are acknowledged by our experts.

Our experts can guide and advise you on any aspect related to rent. Do you want to save on your rental with a secure rental? Contact us! The rent insurance real estate advisers will assist you and guide you in your lease.