Who is Eligible for Canadian Immigration Services

What Does Eligibility Mean?

To fully understand what Canadian Immigration Services means by eligibility, you must first comprehend the term “eligible.” The Canadian legal definition for “eligibility” is that the person is capable of being chosen. Hence, eligibly regarding immigration means that you can or cannot permanently enter a country.

There are determining several factors regarding the immigrant’s history that the Canadian Immigration Services must take into consideration. For example, previous serious criminal offenses will most certainly impact your ability to gain permanent entry into Canada. Additionally, drinking and driving charges may detrimentally impact your eligibility.

One can locate more information about what the Canadian Immigration Services offers for programs on the Government of Canada website. There are a vast number of services available to new coming immigrants. Under the “menu” option on the main toolbar, the second option is called “immigration and citizenship.” Click this option and then choose “Immigrate” from the vast amount of information. 

Who Can Apply?

Who can apply is entirely dependant on the type of immigration you are seeking. This fact means that you can choose to apply for work, study, travel, visit, or to live permanently within Canada. The Canadian Immigration Services will direct you in which category best suits your needs.

The Canadian Immigration Services places you inside a category that best defines your purpose to stay in Canada. According to the category in which you are apart of, there will be different eligibility requirements. These categories consider different programmes for immigrating to Canada.

You will have to fill out a fifteen minutes questionnaire on the Government of Canada website. By doing this questionnaire, will be able Canada Immigration Services assist you better. Also, from this point, you can start building a solid application.

What to Expect on the Questionnaire

There are several questions that require answers to this questionnaire. Canada Immigration Services will ask certain questions about you. These questions are mainly relating to your background. Nationality, language ability, age, family members, education, work experience, finances, as well as any details on a job offer here in Canada.

Depending on your own answers, Canadian Immigrant Services can determine what programs you could be eligible for. If you are considered an eligible candidate, Canadian Immigration Services will send you a list of in-depth instructions. These directions are concerning the next steps for you to officially apply for immigration to Canada. 

The Next Steps

The next steps forward are to ensure that you have your credentials assessed by Canadian Immigration Services. Federal Skilled Workers, immigrants moving to Canada to obtain a profession in a trade or skill, and students who wish to study abroad must all have their credentials checked. This fact is especially true if you obtained your credentials outside of Canada.

 By having an assessment of your creditinials achieved, Canada Immigrant Services will be able to offer even more assistance.  The credentials that Canadian Immigrant Services will want to bare witness to are mainly for education, work experience, or professional credentials.