When Can Appendix Removal Become Necessary And When Not

Appendectomy surgery is the procedure to remove appendicitis and is an effective and safe procedure. It is a popular belief that appendicitis grows from an early stage of inflammation to a later stage of perforation and this the time when you require an appendectomy. There are many appendix symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting, fever and abdominal swelling. Although antibiotics are penetrating the market as a long term solution but appendectomy surgery largely remains the popular method for appendix removal.

It completely depends on the severity of the appendicitis and appendix symptoms to decide whether the patient needs to undergo surgery or antibiotics can work for them. Appendectomy might not be necessary for most of the patients with acute uncomplicated appendicitis because antibiotics alone can work for them. A trial of non-operative versus early appendectomy of acute uncomplicated appendicitis by radiologic imaging needs to be carried out.

One of the most common surgical processes in the US is appendectomy which is the operation to remove the appendix. It is the only popular treatment for patients with this problem. However, there is a high probability of antibiotic drugs taking over the surgery for mild cases of appendicitis. A study in Finland with more than 500 people who had mild and uncomplicated appendicitis was carried out. In their cases, the appendix wasn’t ruptured and there was no sign of infection or any other issue in their abdomen. Half of these people got appendectomy done and the other half got antibiotics and pills for five days to a week.

The researchers saw that 75% of the patients on antibiotics didn’t need to go for a surgery at least for a year post the doses. The remaining ones who had another case of appendicitis didn’t have any complications and had successful appendectomy. 80% of the patients diagnosed with appendicitis have uncomplicated cases and for them, surgery might not be the only solution. Surgery is required when the appendix has ruptured and can lead to infection in the abdomen. You can book surgery packages online in cases where appendectomy is required.

Studies show that CT scan is a good way to figure out the most accurate way to diagnose the disease and to ensure which case needs which method to be resolved. Antibiotic therapy is a less expensive way to treat appendicitis and helps in faster recovery. Some researchers believe that antibiotic therapy is not yet ready for the market and the right type of patients need to be identified for this non-operative method to remove appendix.

It all depends on the necessity of the situation and hence the right procedure becomes imperative. Appendectomy surgery has long been looked upon as the best and most effective way to get rid of the issue of appendicitis. It will still continue to be so for patients who have severe cases but there is an option of not undergoing an operation and it is here to stay. With more and more researches, the application of antibiotics in appendix removal is being confirmed and might replace surgery to a large extent. Be very sure of confirming the correct method for the patient. That is going to make all the difference. You can save a lot of effort by going for antibiotics rather than surgery to fix the appendix.