What You Need to Know About HV Technologies Partners

HVT Technologies, Inc. is known for the best quality of products and world-class services that they offer. They have the best HV equipment, EMC equipment and service solutions. They are one of the most prominent suppliers of HV and EMC equipment and also solutions.

HVT also have testing and measurement solutions that can help their customers with the best quality of the high voltage insulation systems of their power apparatus or HV components. Or maybe it is with their electromagnetic compatibility of electronic systems. They also have the best partners who provide them with the top of the line products which helped in the success of the company.

The Best HVT Partners for HV

  • High Voltage Test Systems, This was founded by Bruno Haas which was the Managing Director in 1995. Bruno knows the need for technical support during and also after the installation of the test equipment. This was the reason why he founded HVTS. Since then, they became the worldwide leader in providing impulse generators and resonant test sets.
  • This is the official partner of HVT for cable testing and diagnostics, for cable fault location, and also insulating oil testing. They are also the worldwide leader in this field. They have testing and measurement technologies which can prevent the damage to distribution networks and power systems.
  • EPRO this was founded in the early 90’s and was managed by German MWB Group. They have the expertise in the field of manufacturing high-end current and voltage transformers and also fully automatic transformer test systems.

The Best HVT Partners for EMC

  • EMC Partner, this is the manufacturer of EMC and HV test systems. Their products are 100% designed and produced at their facility located in Laufen, North West Switzerland. They have a wide range of test equipment of up to 100kA and 100kV. They aim to provide the market with their high-quality products and services.
  • When HVT Technologies partnered with Montena, they provided turnkey solutions to test the systems according to the standards in force. They are committed to providing qualitative and the best reliable products.
  • GAUSS Instruments this is the developer and also the manufacturer of the TDEMI measurement system that only uses ultra-high-speed analog-to-digital converters. They also provide real-time digital signal processing systems for possible ultrafast tests and measurements for the electromagnetic compliance.
  • Prana this is owned by the world leading manufacturer of RF Power Amplifiers for Broadband applications. They design and manufacture amplifiers that are popular for their performance, reliability, and quality which meets the EMC standards.
  • Innco Systems this is the world’s most popular manufacturer of EMC hardened camera or audio systems, and also fiber optic data converters. This is very important when performing an EMC test. It monitors the device without interfering with the measurement during the emission tests.

Are you convinced enough? These HV and EMC partners of HV Technologies, Inc can assure you that you are receiving world-class service and top of the line products. You can visit their website to request a quote for the product or services that you need. Do not settle for underperforming equipment. With HVT, you have a solution.