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SMS, stands for Short Messaging Service, originated in 1992 from radio telegraphy in radio memo pagers, is a text messaging service for most of the telephones, internet and mobile device systems. It is also employed in mobile marketing. Messages are first transferred to SMS centers for several  mechanisms, Then it moves to SMSC’s recipients and if they are not available it wait in queue and delivers as soon they are available. It allows 160 alpha-numeric characters to send and receive at a time. And the mail service (or Email) is a technique of exchanging messages between electronic devices. It operates across internet. Mail servers. Attachments can be added to email which makes this service better. Both SMS and mail service can be used in bulk process.


They are either third party or outsourced supplier including TSP (Telecommunication), ASP (application), SSP (Storage) & ISP (Internet). SMS service providers have character counters built inside. And mail service runs usually on ISP’s that provides accessing, using or participating in the mail services in internet. Apart from typical SMS texting through mobiles, SMS can be sent in bulk using internet. They uses different software’s to perform the jobs.


Bulk SMS platform uses different types of software to increase the sales and the customer satisfaction with smarter SMS campaign, instant OTPs, notifications, surveys & many more. It can reach millions within seconds. Some extra facilities like attaching files with text messages, click reports etc. have been discovered by Bulk SMS software in Bangalore and also in other states. It can be surveyed by anyone in internet that a number of bulk SMS service are providing by many companies in Bangalore, but it is advised that decision can be made based upon the ratings of a particular software or the provider company. The close the rating to five the best the software and the companies are.


Numbers of providers in Bangalore provide the best effective digital communication solutions in many ways as the email marketing campaign is one of the most valuable tools for connecting with existing and new customers. Apart from the free providers like Gmail, Yahoo mail and outlook etc., the Top Bulk mail service providers includes features line reliability, improved spam filter, high integrity, security check, ease of use, archive capabilities and enhanced storage facilities to improve their reputation and demand. The Bangalore city has developed a number of bulk mail service providers with better service options and traffic handling in sending the messages fast in groups. There are many software labs or companies in Bangalore who provide effective and fast traffic control and provide accurate data transfer with lesser time which is, in nowadays are very crucial feature in business. But surveying the providers before opting a single one, is much important.


Thus, the best bulk mail service provider in Bangalore providing mail service, uses many unique techniques to prove their worth in business. But surveying before opting is highly recommended.