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What is Paid Search Advertising and Why Do You Need It?

Paid Search Advertising is a marketing strategy that goes by many names and has a few different modes or processes. Search Engine Marketing – also known as Search Engine Optimization – is probably the most common form. Other forms include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and sponsored listings. The basic idea surrounding this type of advertising is the fact that is presents businesses and brands with a chance to market and advertise themselves through the help of any of the available search engines. This is a budget friendly mode of advertisement that works based on the engagement of your ad on a search engine. If you’re running a business or a marketing plan for a brand or a service, paid search advertising is an extremely important tool to employ. Here are a few things this campaign will do for you.

Tracking and Analytics

This is one of the most useful benefits of paid search advertising. All the interactions and activity that your ad engages in can be closely monitored and analysed. You can specifically see the location of the person who clicks on your ad or how much time they spent going through your site. Other things available to you are the exact pages on your site that were viewed, and what type of device they used to access your site. In some cases, you can also see the browser they used to access the site. This helps you tailor your ad a bit more specifically and know the people interested in your ad.

Paid Search Attracts People Ready to Make a Purchase

When you run a paid ad, it is shown to a large number of people all over the world in different places. Since you can target specific queries such as location, age, gender and profession, it makes it easier to attract the people you want to see the ad. More importantly, there is a very high chance that the people who click your ad or sponsored listings are either ready to buy or are considering a purchase a little more seriously than the average person. Based on this, you may now re-target your ads based on the people who are likely to buy. Pretty much any Google AdWords company will run this for you and help with ad targeting.

Get on the First Page of the Search Engine

Most people who use search engines don’t go to the second page of the results. In fact, more than half of all users leave after the first page. Consequently, the best way to make sure your business is seen is to make sure that you are included on the first page of Google or any of the other search engines. Without this, there’d probably be no point. Paid search advertising helps with this.

Paid search advertising is one of the most important and effective modes of advertising. Reports show that it is also the most cost-effective and efficient mode of advertisement because it can be easily tracked, analysed, and targeted. Broadplace is an agency that will help you with all your advertising needs and tailor your campaign based on what you want. Feel free to contact them.