What Are The Difficulties That May Arise Post Divorce For A Dependent Partner?

Divorce can be a big thing in the lives of a couple. There are a lot of responsibilities, and they are all divided to the best judgment of law. There is a sustaining partner and a dependent partner in every divorce case. The supporting spouse is the partner who sustains and supports the other spouse. On the other hand, the dependent spouse is the one who requires support in life-sustaining from the other partner. This may seem to be a good option for the dependent spouse. However, in certain situations, the dependent spouse can get in real trouble. You should get a proper divorce lawyer for the prevention of such scenarios in the future after the divorce is done.

The divorce lawyers can help you with getting a lot of benefits during the time of divorce. It helps you move on with life and start something new and have a fresh life for yourself. In case you are the dependent partner, and there is someone who is supporting you then you will have to have a string attached to your past. It becomes more of an issue when you get into some tight spot or difficulties due to the dependency that you have on your ex-partner. Also if you are in Gurugram you must get robust lawyers for your divorce like the best divorce lawyers in gurugram to have to best results of your divorce case. It will make sure that there are no further problems after the divorce is over. It ensures that you have a proper and fresh life after the court case is over.

Difficulties that a Dependent Partner May Get into After the Divorce Process

There are however many aspects where the dependent spouse can get into difficulties after the divorce. This can be an issue for the person and here are some of the various difficulties that you can get into while you are the dependent partner of a divorced couple. Here are some of the major problems that a dependent spouse can face after the divorce.

1) Unable to Meet Living Costs with the Support Money: The dependent spouse or partner may find it difficult to keep up the living standards with the support money paid to him or her.

2) Spousal Maintenance is for a Definite Period:The aspect of spousal maintenance lasts for a specific period. This can wear off after a certain period as called for by the court of law.

3) The Court Decides the Order for Interim Spousal Maintenance:Even if the dependent partner orders for Interim Spousal Maintenance it is to be decided by the court whether or not it will be availed to the dependent partner based on the financial conditions of both the partners.

4) The Clean Break Option is Circumstantial:The option to have a Clean Break with a lump-sum amount from the supporting partner is also not a sure shot. It can be dealt with only when both the partners agree to the amount that is to be paid and only if the supporting partner can pay the entire amount at once.

5) Moving On from the Marriage: Moving on from the marriage is one of the challenging factors in the post-divorce period. It can be challenging and difficult for both the partners be it the supporting partner or the dependent spouse.

These are the various things that can become an aspect of difficulty in the life of a dependent partner after the process of divorce between a married couple. Divorce can be a mentally challenging thing, and this can be of great impact to both the spouses. The partner who is financially more stable than the other one is obliged to support the other spouse. However, the dependent spouse has to go through many uncalled for issues post-divorce. This is why it is essential for you to stay strong and avail a good divorce lawyer for your divorce case and not regret it later in your life. You can start a new life after the divorce and move on with it.