Want a Business Owner Visa to Australia?

Do you own and manage a business in Australia? Are you looking to get a permanent visa for yourself as well as for your family? Well now you can simply apply for the visa to the concerned authorities and a permanent visa will be granted to you in no time.

When we talk about applying for a visa of any country, there are some essential criteria which we need to fulfill. You need to comply with all these criteria’s in order to get the visa. In the same manner, there are some important requirements associated with business owner visa program for Australia as well.

 Eligibility Criteria for Australian Visa:

  • Holder of Provisional visa- Before applying for a business owner visa program for Australia, you should be a holding a provisional visa provided by the Australian government, for instance, a senior executive visa or investor visa.
  • Stayed in Australia for a minimum of 1 year- You should have stayed in Australia for period of 1 year on any of the above mentioned visas.
  • Requirements in respect to business- There are some essential business related requirements which also needs to be complied with such as; should have a business acquired and owned by you, you are indulged in the management process of the business, etc.

  • Basic Health Related Criteria- In order to apply for business owner visa to Australia, you and your family members should fulfill certain health related criteria.
  • Indulgence in Unfair Activities- Neither you nor any of your family members who are or have applied for the visa should be indulged in any unfair practice or activities. You should not have any debt outstanding to the government of Australia.
  • Should be present in Australia- At the time of filling the application for visa, you should be present in Australia in person.

Benefits of the visa:

Some of the benefits of holding a business owner visa to Australia are as follows-

  • Once you get the business owner visa then you are allowed to stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • You can enroll your children in any school and colleges in Australia.
  • The Australian government grants you the chance to get yourself enrolled and utilize the benefits offered by their health-care schemes and plans.
  • If any of your relatives are also interested and looking for a permanent residence in Australia, you can provide them sponsorship.
  • The visa provides you the chance to apply and get citizenship of Australia as well after some time.

After completing all the required processes, timely submittion of all relevant documents to the concerned authorities and complying with all the conditions, you can get the business owner visa conveniently. Now there is no need to stay away from your family as they can also join you and start a better and prosperous life in Australia. Make sure to work hard for proper growth and development of your business.