Understanding the Key Features of Sober Living Housing

The Sober living housing can help make it somewhat easier to deal with your drug or alcohol addiction. These types of facilities help you keep your expectations high and stay sober for long enough to feel ready to resume your normal life. The best thing about a sober living facility is that you do not have to cut your connections with the outside world, which is usually the case in case of a rehab. You will be able to go to work or school and perform your other duties as well.

Before you decide to choose this option, you should also educate yourself about some of the key features of the sober living housing. For instance:

  • You will be able to live in a drug-free setting and be able to stay away from drugs and alcohol. You can stay here as long as you stay sober.
  • You may have to take part in group therapy sessions while living in a sober living housing. Some of these facilities may also arrange 12-setp meetings to help support recovery.
  • You have to follow house rules and even need to take part in other activities. You may have to prepare meals, complete chores, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and regularly take part in-house
  • You will have to undergo drug testing every now and then to ensure that you have not used anything while out of the facility.

These features certainly help addicts recover more efficiently. They also emphasize responsibility while balancing characteristics of fellowship and freedom. It is important to bear in mind that though a sober living facility can go a long way to help you break your drug or alcohol addiction, it may not suit you all the time. Sometimes, you do not have the willpower to stay on your own. You will require assistance to manage withdrawal symptoms. This is the reason why a drug rehab seems to be a better option for many addicts. In fact, most sober living facilities are not going to accept patients who have not yet gone through a rehab or detox program before.  Here are some of the situations when a sober living housing may work for you.

  • You can choose this option if your previous attempts at half house or rehab programs failed or produced unwanted results.
  • You do not seem to get the type of benefits you desire from outpatient programs.
  • You do not seem to have a support system strong enough to keep you from abusing the substance and maintain sobriety.
  • You can choose sober living housing if you do not have a history of aggression or violence towards other people. If you have trouble controlling your aggression, you will be better off going to a drug rehab.

The fact of the matter is that sober living housing seems to be a great choice, but you need to ensure that it suits your needs and supports recovery in the right way. So, take your time and make a sensible choice!