Understanding the Different Types of Lenses Used in Photography

Aspiring to become a photographer any time soon? Well then the first thing that you need to educate yourself about is the camera, and how can you understand camera operations if you do not understand the various ways in which you can play around with the camera lenses.

Well when it comes to photography, especially high end professional cameras, you can fit them with different types of lenses to make the best of your capture. You need to know about the different types of lenses that are available, based on which you need to take the call, which one to go for when. So here is a short guide on the various types of lenses that you can use to perfect your photography skills:

  1. Prime lenses: These are the most common ones that come with any professional camera. They provide you with only a 35mm perspective and hence you can take pictures, not exactly as you see them, but as the camera sees it. For example, if you want to focus on the eyes of a face then with this type of lens you will have to move really close to the person to take the picture. These are best for street or landscape photography.
  2. Zoom lenses: Those who have had their stint with the camera obviously know about zoom lenses. These are very effective if you want to capture something in extreme detail. There are various types of zoom lenses, the higher quality ones of which help you to capture things that are really far from your eyesight with perfect ease and clarity. Zoom lenses are essential for photojournalism, wedding photography and various other occasions and events, which require you to focus on something in particular. These are indispensable when it comes to bird photography.
  3. Telephoto lenses: Well if you want to capture something which is really, really far away from the sight of your eyes, then this is a lens that you will have to have. If you are a wildlife photographer, then this is something that you will have to have in order to capture the pictures that you want. These are a higher version of zoom lenses which can focus on something in particular but after a certain distance, it cannot go any further. You will have to have the right equipment to carry a telephoto lens.
  4. Lens balls: These are a little different than camera lenses in particular, but if you want to try out something experimental or maybe want to capture an image upside down, then you can use these. Get them from a good sphera spherical photography lens shop and do make sure that they are made of crystal.
  5. Wide angle lens: This is again something that every landscape photographer needs to have. These lenses help the photographer to capture a much wider view than an ordinary primer lens can. So when in landscape photography, this is a must-have.

Now that you know about these awesome photo lenses, make sure you get the ones that you really need.