Understanding the basics of Analog Camera and its Advantages

You must have come across tiny sized security cameras placed in the interior and exterior commercial spaces. These security CCTV devices are called as Analog Camera. An analog camera carries CCD sensors that digitize the picture to give crisp images and videos. However, before it can transmit the video, it needs to convert it back into analog to receive by an analog device. Compared to IP cameras and other types of surveillance cameras, analog doesn’t carry in-built web servers or encoders. The best thing about analog cameras is they don’t require technical maintenance.

There are many brands that offer these analog featured cameras and are apt for commercial space to cover large areas. Companies prefer these cameras because they offer enough benefits for its users. Compared to standard CCTV devices, the analog camera is worth to invest on. Below are the advantages you get-

Quite Less Expensive than others-

If you are in a look for a 4k outdoor security camera that can cover larger area and also doesn’t burn your pocket, the analog camera is the best to go with. Analog CCTV products are quite cheaper than its counterparts. Moreover, the installation process is also quite less expensive and is quicker too. There is no high-end configuration required. So it does make a good investment.

  • Requires less maintenance pain-

In general, standard CCTV cameras required regular maintenance, to ensure it works best without halt. In case of analog devices, you need little maintenance to keep a tab over its recording and footage quality. Large file sizes, bandwidth limitations, virus attack and too many devices trying to use the network are some of the challenges users face while using the IP system. Thankfully, with analog cameras, you don’t face these issues.

  • Can perform better in different environments-

Depending on the environment, this type of security of the camera device works better than other IP cameras. Some of the situation like-

  • Low Light- In IP cameras, the CMOS image sensors offer great HD resolution. However, the same fails during low light by producing grainy images. 4k outdoor security camera like analog carries CCD image sensor which can produce better images in low light.
  • Darkness- In many cases, IP CCTV cameras can produce not so better images and videos in the darkness which you cannot afford to have. Thankfully, analog surveillance camera carries built-in IR (infrared) allowing the camera to record crisp images and videos.
  • Long cables to wider reach- Generally, standard CCTV devices carry cables limited to 100 meters which can be an issue to install. With Cat5 cabling connected with an analog device will allow to mount up to two km away from the DVR.
  • Real-Time Footage- The thing with analog CCTV device is the image and video gets processed and compressed at DVR giving you the real-time footage. However, IP cameras, on the other hand, can lag up to 5 sec giving you the delayed footages.


The ultimate aim of having a CCTV device is to keep the area safe and you stay updated to avoid any breach of an area. Invest in the best analog camera that will work for long years.