Ultimate destinations of Central and South America for Wanderlust lovers!

Breathe in the fresh air of mist rainforests and ancient archaeological sites in the regions of American continent that boast a wide array of destinations that appeal to all kinds of travellers. The South & Central America regions can individually encompass your entire vacation with endless places to visit and food to try. However, if you are planning to cover all the three regions in one trip, it can become quite difficult to make sure you experience the best of each.

Just so that you don’t later regret missing out some important sights, we have made a list of top things to do on your trip to South & Central America:

Skiing and snowboarding in Patagonia
Visit Patagonia in the June season for experiencing the best climate for skiing and snowboarding. The southern Chile and Argentina region offers numerous ski lodges and resort for you to sit back and enjoy the view of snow-clad mountains. In Patagonia tours you can level up your travelling experiences.

Do white water rafting at Pacuare River
visiting Central America and not planning white water rafting in a top ten rafting locations in the world? You definitely wouldn’t want to skip that. Get set to fill your adrenalin rush and tick some major adventures off your bucket list.Central America Group Tours from India is perfect to give you incredible experience.

Live the beach life in Rio de Janeiro

Another well kempt treasure of South America is Rio de Janeiro. Live by the scenic beaches and enjoy the lively nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. Experience the larger-than-life Carnival or explore the gorgeous natural landscapes of Brazil. Take a stop at Christ the Redeemer which is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. Stroll down one of the most happening beaches, the Ipanema Beach. South America Holidays is surely an inviting experience.

Atacama desert

Make your visit here to experience the driest dessert in the world.  Be it in the day or night the temperatures are extreme. Though in the Andean village side you could enjoy lot of home cooked meals. You could also witness the beauty of blue Lagoons in the middle of Atacama Desert.

Enjoy fine art, good food and bustling neighbourhood in Buenos Aires

Fancy movies with a city life of wide boulevards, alluring architecture and open cafes! This is definitely a must-visit place for you! In addition to its picture-perfect looks, the city breams with culture and world-class National Museums.

Visit the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Experience one of the best spectacles of Central America, the Arenal Volcano which is still active and imposing as it towers over the surrounding region at a height of 5,437 feet.

Central and South America both have exciting spots and will surely level up your vacation spirit. In order to avoid any last minute hassles, book your tour today through reputed tour operators.