Types Of Screws Every Handyman Should Know

Screws are considered ideal threaded fasteners and you can find a good variety available of screws suited for different applications. They are used generally to fit and join material together as well as to make the object get hold at the specific place. The various types of screws can be categorised into different categories based on driving method, The head shape, and job requirements. Before kicking off any project, you need to know that where you required to try Pozi wood screws, Lag Screw or MDF Screw and any other. Let’s check it out the types of screws every handyman requires to know –

Categories On The Basis Of Driving Methods

  • Square – It comes with a square indentation on the head reducing the possibilities of a slip.
  • Socket, Hex or Allen – They do have hexagonal shaped holes usually used with an Allen wrench and need a socket wrench to drive.
  • Star – It holds six-pointed star pattern indented and quite useful in the prevention of stripped heads.
  • Slotted – It comes up slotted heads and considered the oldest as well as the most commonly used. It holds a linear diagonal slot on its heads.
  • Philips – Philips screws having crossed shaped slots reduces the chances of wear and tear and it needs a Phillips head screwdriver to get driven.
  • Combination – Moreover, some screw also comes up with a slotted and a Philips driver.

Categories On The Basis Of Job Requirement

  • Self-Tapping Screw

This category screw can be found in the form of sheet metal, wood or drywall screws. These screws are designed in the way so that they can easily find its way into the material by creating their own holes. They are also available with different types of heads. It eliminates the importance of pre-drill.

  • Lag screw

Saying would not wrong that it is considered as one of the toughest fasteners used on a large scale to attach heavy materials such as lumber together. Lag screws are completely different from the generic wood, sheet metal, and self-tapping screws.

  • Wood Screw

The screw used in wood is categorised as Wood Screw available in a plethora of head types and sizes. They have coarse threads to have a good grip.

  • A wood screw is generally made of brass, steel or bronze designing specifically for penetrating in wood. For wood applications, you may also try Pozi wood screws as it comes up with a blunt point, and angles of blades are quite sharper by 45 degrees.
  • Most wood screws come up with shanks unthreaded at the top along with threads at the pointed end and they can easily get identified among other screws.
  • Their design makes possible to get the screw through wood fibres wood smoothly reducing the ratio of resistance and splintering.
  • The wood screw comes up having different heads including flat, round or oval. Oval-headed screws are known for being highly visible on the surface while Rounded-headed screws are ideal for use in the decorative application. And flatheads are used to when it requires making fasteners not to show on the surface of the wood.
  • MDF Screw

MDF Screw is used for assembling bookshelves because they are usually harder in comparison to solid wood. MDF screw needs pre-drilling.

  • Machine Screw

As the name already clears that Machine Screw is especially used in a number of machine applications such as in terminal strips, electrical connections, and motor casings.

  • Sheet Metal Screw

Sheet Metal Screw comes up having different head types and sizes. They do have full threads along with the length of the screw used in sheet metal related applications.

  • Sheet metal screws are also used in applications must to joining the different materials together.
  • They are available in a large assortment of sizes and types helpful in joining different material together such as rubber, plastics, and various metals as well as plywood.
  • The wood screw cannot be used instead of Sheet Metal Screw as they are quite sharp and customised threads, guaranteeing a tight bond.

It is important to choose the right screw to do the project in a right way. The above-mentioned screw types will surely help you to choose the right one. try Pozi wood screws to make your wood DIY project done in a new way.