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Types Of Patio Awnings

Awnings are very much essential for patios. They protect the patios from varied weather conditions. The modern varieties of awnings are really quite astonishing to deal with. You should learn about the features before making the final selection.

Various kinds of awnings for patios:

  • Pergolas are specialized patio awnings and they are completely wall-mounted in nature. They have got fixed designs of frames and thus they cannot be moved like that of retracted ones. Support posts at the front along with additional stability are the biggest highlights of these awnings. These awnings are suitable especially when you have no plan in moving your awning from one place to another. Moreover, they have the best durability amongst all the other options currently available in the market. Thus, if you are looking for a safe and one-time investment then you can go for the concerned option without having any doubt in your mind.
  • Conservatory awnings have recently become popular predominantly because of their outstanding technology. The awning fabrics are completely weatherproof in nature and thus you will always stay away from the weather extremities. Sun rays are being perfectly blocked as a result of which your skin will stay protected from the harmful effects of UV-rays. The temperature will remain controlled for the whole year long and you can spend most of the hours of the day at your patios. The best part is that these awnings can be now easily regulated even remotely. The outstanding glass designs will enable you viewing the surrounding views without any kind of interruption.
  • Free-standing options are usually chosen by those people who do not want to go for pergolas. These awnings are quite flexible in design and functionality. Their position can be changed from time to time as per requirement. You can even carry the awnings along especially when you are moving outdoors. You should choose high-quality fabric so that the awnings can last for long.

  • Vertical awnings have some of the best features with outstanding fabrics. They can be installed either externally or internally. They are not only used at domestic spaces but are installed at commercial spaces as well. Since they are being vertically installed therefore they are known in the name of vertical awnings. Not only shading but the privacy factor is being preserved with the use of these awnings.


Nowadays, you can avail some of the special models of patio awnings that are equipped with sensors. Space-saving awnings are to be chosen in case the space is limited. Exploring the options is needed so that the ideal one can be chosen at the end of the day. If you think that the ones with manual operations are difficult to deal with then you can go for the remote controlled ones.