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Top Ways Instagram Marketing Helps Your SEO Game!

Instagram has more than 800 million users. The statistics above are positive and impressive. There are over 500 active users, and 80% of them live outside of America. This means there are about 50-90 million photos shared on this platform as an average and 4.2 billion people or more like them. In short, Instagram is a goldmine for businesses and online marketers today.

Instagram is essential for your business today 

The above is proof that Instagram is vital for your business today. When you get on Instagram, you will find that many active followers can become your loyal customers if you can use the platform efficiently. The following are some free steps via which you can improve search engine optimization of your business with the aid of Instagram-

  1. Register with Facebook – Instagram is simple to register on. Use Facebook and sign up. This is the fastest way for you to get started. When you register on Instagram, your network on Facebook will automatically start following. This means you get followers for your account and this is a boost to your brand and business.
  2. High-resolution photographs – With the aid of Instagram you can reach out to the targeted audience with high-end photographs relevant to your business. High-quality images create a professional statement and convert visitors into customers. When you are uploading pictures of your business, pay attention to the light and the focus. The image should be clear and impressive. For Instagram, you do not need to invest in a digital camera. You may take photos with your smartphone and use the convenient photo filters online to share with your network. This increases your Instagram followers and helps you establish a brand presence online.
  3. Like photos – If you want people to like and follow you, do the same for others. You must look for niche brands and start to interact with them by liking or commenting on their photos. You not only like their pictures but you also interact with them. This is the first step for you to do when people visit your profile. In this way, you may establish your network on Instagram and get more people to follow you.
  4. Hashtags – Using relevant hashtags allows people to find you. Gone are the days when hashtags were only meant for Twitter. When you use the appropriate hashtags, you can make people find you. The chances of lead conversion are high primarily because the people who look for you are interested in your product. They wish to know more about you, and this is the sole reason why the chances of converting them into loyal customers are high. The hashtags you use must have the right words. You should not use them to an excessive extent. In case you are not aware of hashtags, check your competitor websites and see the hashtags they use. This will give you a clear and better idea.

Fresh content is the need of the day

When you are using Instagram for your business, post fresh and relevant content regularly. The time of the posts should be spaced out well. You may post images and relevant captions thrice in one day say in the morning afternoon and evening. When you are posting content on Instagram, do not overwhelm your audience with excessive content. Choose wisely.

Good captions

The captions you use for Instagram should be attention-grabbing. This means to create good captions that help you catch the attention of your targeted audience.

Create a marketing strategy that will work positively for your business

Instagram is a popular social media platform for all kinds and types of businesses. Like all social media platforms ensure that you create a marketing strategy that works. Plan your posts and be regular.

Interaction with the customer is important

Interaction with the customer will keep them engaged. The customer needs a personal touch, and this is why when you respond promptly to the customer, he or she will be happy. In due course of time, you will find that this customer becomes the brand ambassador for your company and helps you to promote and market your products with the aid of word-of-mouth campaigning. This will boost the credibility of your brand and business as well.

Therefore, Instagram is an excellent platform for you to improve and increase brand visibility for your business. Bank on it to reach out to your targeted audience. If you are a small to large business, it will always help you to improve search engine ranks and brand visibility. Be regular with your posts and publish content that is fresh and relevant for your audience. In this way, you can reach out to the people looking for your brand products and convert leads into sales with success!

Author Bio: Ryan Grace is an online digital media specialist, and he helps clients increase Instagram followers and brand presence for their businesses online.