Top Reasons To Visit The Dahab, The Paradise On Earth

It’s the first quarter of 2022, and for sure, you are starting to fill up your itinerary for this year. Now that country restrictions are slowly relaxing despite the coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that you are as excited as everybody else to go and visit other parts of the world. If you are set to visit Egypt this year, you should not miss out on stopping by Dahab. Here are the reasons why.

Water Sports

One of the best things to do when in Dahab is to try their different water sports. This is one of the ideal places for those who love the water and extreme water sports. There are various activities to try, like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and more.

For sure you can find something to do that suits your ability level. They have everything for beginners and experts. There are plenty of dive centers for tourists to choose from. You can find an abundance of water sports and fun dahab diving activities to try all across town.

Dive The Blue Hole

Scuba diving is the most popular activity in Dahab. For a more challenging dive, the Blue Hole is one of the most visited places here in Dahab. This submarine sinkhole plunges to more than 330 feet or 100 meters. This may not be the prettiest diving site, but it is worth trying because this is popular among tec divers and advanced freedivers.

See The SS Thistlegorm

If you want to see something unique here in Dahab, you should ask your diving center if they have trips to the SS Thistlegorm. This is one of the most iconic shipwrecks worldwide. The SS Thistlegorm was a British freighter that sank in 1941 after being hit by two German Bombers in WWII. It measures over 120 meters in length and lies in shallow waters.

Relax and Unwind

After a long day of death-defying activities, why not relax and unwind while in Dahab? Before you end your trip, it is highly recommended to enjoy the scenery and the natural beauty of nature. If you want to take a break out of the water, you can join yoga classes or experience a ride on the camels and beach buggies.

If the outdoors is what you are interested in experiencing, go cycling or hiking in the nearby mountains. Enjoy unique hot tea drink blends from the traditional Bedouins. You can also enjoy horse-riding tours in Dahab. These trips will take you along the beach or even through the desert.

When Visiting Dahab

Aside from all these, there is a long list of activities and places to visit here in Dahab. But of course, before seeing them, ensure that you know all about the safety and health protocols that the country requires. The last thing you want is to miss out on all the fun for not following the rules. If you are ready, go ahead and check out these activities that you can try while in Dahab.