Top Benefits of Outdoor PTZ Camera

Compared to normal standard cameras available in the market, PTZ security cameras offer a number of benefits. With normal cameras, the field of the view is decided at the time of installation and you cannot change that without moving the position of the cameras. With PTZ cameras you will be able to enjoy greater flexibility and you can easily turn the cameras to a 360-degree angle.

The PTZ camera offers you the facility to have camera recording remotely using software and even control them on your computer or smartphones.  It offers unbeatable wireless security camera without breaking the bank.

The top benefits of outdoor PTZ camera are:

Large field of view

You will be able to get 360-degree view depending on the location where the camera is mounted. Most of the camera installers offer you to set different views at a different time for your cameras based on the surveillance modes. You can pre-program both tilt and pan. You can have such cameras on the rooftops or parking lots where you will need to have multiple cameras.

Built-in motion tracking

Most of the outdoor PTZ cameras have built-in tracking feature which detects motion and keeps an eye on moving object or human.  The camera will carry out the task of tilting, panning and be zooming the area or person automatically. So in the case of any theft or vandalism, you can easily use the video recording as a proof. When buying this wireless security camera, it should be made sure that this feature is included.

Night vision

You need to offer right kind of surveillance in the area with poor lighting. If you want the better quality image you need to have a required amount of life. Some of the cameras that were developed recently come with the facility to capture images in total darkness. These cameras come with LED which emits infrared light which helps it to capture the image even in the darkness. They even come with IR filters, which help them to capture the images in clarity. When installing PTZ cameras it is necessary to maintain the lighting conditions so that videos can be recorded in light or dark.


Outdoor PTZ camera is built to withstand extreme weather climates. The performance of the camera is not affected by rain, wind or snow. This way you can install the security cameras even in the remotest locations and make your property safe.

Powerful zoom

The PTZ cameras have the detection ability starting from 250 feet to 1000 feet depending on the models. For the higher level models, the zoom capability is around 12X to 36X. The image of the person standing hundreds of feet away can be clearly captured with the 36X zoom capacity of PTZ cameras. This kind of cameras can be used in the parking lots or building tops without getting the attention of the people.

Multiple alarm inputs

On you PTZ cameras you can connect to four alarm inputs. So this way you can connect your door contacts, motion detectors, and glass break sensors. This way when any activity occurs in the area your cameras will stop all other recording and concentrate on that particular location.

Tamper resistant

The PTZ cameras are installed high and so you will be able to have a better view. This ensures that you will be offered a better protection. These cameras are strong and are built with poly-carbonate domes and metal housings which make them safe from vandalism. So in the case of any attack, you will still be able to have clear images while offering the facility to tilt, zoom and pan images.


Opting for outdoor PTZ cameras is the most convenient way to keep your home, office, and property safe from the hands of criminals. These mentioned benefits will help you make the right choice.