Top 4 Weekend resorts in Delhi

Top 4 Weekend resorts in Delhi


The weekends are what we wait for, make your weekend worth the wait by spending them at the weekend resorts near Delhi. The weekends are the time you party and have a blast, the weekend resorts in Delhi provide you just this. Amazing rooms and nature’s view from your window, fun-filled evenings and electrifying events are just a start of the fun in these resorts.

  1. The city park resort

Far away from the busy and stress of life every day, spend the weekends at one of the classiest weekend resorts in Delhi. The city park resort lets you experience life from an angle that eyes lavish and comfortable living.

Amenities: Room service is available, 24-hour service at the front desk, furnished and decorated bedrooms and bathrooms, running water facilities and Wi-Fi connectivity

Activities: One can take walks in the lawns; kids can enjoy the play area, and swimming is on the cards. Ask at the front desk and the best spots for sightseeing will be arranged.

Starting price: INR 7080/-

  1. Botanix Nature resort

Weekend resorts in Delhi like the Botanix Nature resort are where most of the weekend lovers head to after a long week. Set on the foothills of the Aravallis, the resort is a mixture of nature, lavishness, comfort, and hospitality.

Amenities: The rooms are air-conditioned and well furnished. The resort has a spa, swimming pool, parking area, mud cottages, Swiss tents, and internet access.

Activities: Spend the weekends at the Botanic nature resort by taking part in Burma Bridge Walk, Balance walk, football, camel rides, cliff jump, the tug of war and day excursions.

Starting Price:  INR 11,519/-

  1. Calista Resort

The weekends in the Calista Resort are filled with adrenaline rush moments and having time of your life. One of the weekend resorts in Delhi, the Calista resort treats guests with respect and dignity. The staff are professional and are available at service throughout your stay.

Amenities: Designed to the detail, the comfortable rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, LED tv, mini bar and are also used for business meetings.

Activities: Swimming in the outdoor pool, working out in the gym and fitness center. There is a broad bouquet hall for conducting events.

Starting price: INR 1685/-

  1. Grand heritage resort

The monumental heritage resort is one of the fantastic weekend resorts in Delhi. The resort invites guests with hospitability, treats them with care, serves delicious food and engages them in various activities that help in destressing.

Amenities: The luxurious rooms overlook a garden and are air-conditioned. The rooms have essential requirements and even a minibar.

Activities: Outdoor swimming, yoga, golf, playing in the game room and conducting meetings.

Starting price: INR 1710/-


Weekend resorts in Delhi are the most happening places during the weekends. The work tensions will not get to you at these resorts; it’s all about forgetting the stress and having a good time with family and friends. These resorts have all the amenities and facilities that will make your few days of stay a memorable one.