Tips to Remember When Getting a Hand or Footprint Kit

When you are a parent, you have to accept that years pass by so quickly – one moment you are nursing your baby the next you are bidding goodbye for college. It is like everything passed by in the blink of an eye.

Although this is sad, you must relish every moment of your child’s early life. One of the smartest things you can do is to stock up baby keepsakes so you can cherish it later. Fortunately, keepsakes do not need to be expensive.

There are many Baby Keepsake Ideas you can consider. The best place to start is online where you can find different items and easy-to-do projects. If in this case, you want to remember how tiny and precious your child once was, you can consider a footprint or handprint kit.

When you consider inkless baby footprint kit, you should remember the following tips:

Check the composition of the ink

It is crucial to check the composition of the ink before putting on the baby. At the bare minimum, the ink should be non-toxic and water-based. Many materials will claim “baby-friendly” but you know better. You should research so you can determine if the products have approval seals. If not, you should read the materials carefully and the reviews of other parents.

Buy a no-mess DIY ink kit

You should pick a no-mess DIY ink kit. This will allow you to complete the task without putting much effort. When it comes to the canvas or pad, you have to ensure that it is big enough for your baby. More importantly, you should at least buy two for every foot or hand in case you make a mistake. Do not forget to keep alcohol wipes within arm’s reach so you can quickly clean up.

Test the ink

Whether you are using ink or paint, you must test it. It is common knowledge that the baby’s skin is sensitive. To test, put a little bit of ink on the baby’s arm and leave it for a minute. After, you can wash it off with soapy water.

If the baby does not have any reaction within 24 hours, the ink is safe enough to use on their hands and feet. Even without reaction, make sure to clean them up thoroughly after you are done.

Make sure the baby is in deep sleep

Things can get messy if the baby is active when you take the print. To avoid a nasty mess, you should get the print while the baby is in deep asleep. You can check by gently lifting the baby’s arm and letting it drop. If the baby does not stir, it means deep sleep. This is how you can have adequate control over the baby’s hand or foot.

Think of other alternatives

If you are looking for other ways to capture the prints of your baby, you can consider casting imprint kits. These kits provide non-toxic and soft impression materials. You only need to put your baby’s hand or foot in or on it. Some kits include a three-window frame allowing you to put baby photos together with the mold and put it on display.