Tips to Keep in Mind During a Cake Delivery

When opting for home delivery of your cake, it is important to understand how your cake is going to be delivered to you. Even if you are a baker yourself, delivering the cake should not be a very big task if you have the right baking team and delivery team to put it altogether.

When delivering a cake to the customer’s venue, it is important to keep a check on the following points to ensure the cake is delivered in perfect condition –

Assemble the cake at the venue

This is especially important if the cake is huge and tired. Transporting tiered cakes is no less than a nightmare and some of the best chefs and bakers also recommend assembling a huge cake or tiered cake at the venue itself. This helps to avoid any damage to the tier as well as the cakes especially if you live in a busy city that has a lot of speed breakers, potholes and traffic. All the braking, jerks and traffic can cause the tier to loosen up or even worse – break entirely! This can cause the cake layers to slip off and mess up your entire vehicle. Along with the monetary damage, you also have a big mess to clean up in your vehicle after this disaster!

Refrigerate the cakes in transit

When delivering cakes with easy melting icing and frosting, it is essential to have a refrigerated truck to delivery the cake. This ensures the icing stays in place without the slightest melting no matter how long you are outside and travelling en route to the venue. Refrigeration also helps to prevent the cake from going bad especially if you have a citrus based cake that can tend to get acidic in hot weather conditions. A lot of bakeries that do online cake delivery in Sikar or throughout India have refrigerated transport systems.

Decorate the cake at the venue

The delicate flowers and pearls and even natural flowers should be placed at the venue itself. This not only ensures that the items don’t move out of place and fall over the other decorating items on the cake, it also reduces your stress levels of transporting a completely decked up cake all the way to the venue. As an added tip, ensure you have a double of each decoration in case there is a last-minute damage to any of the items. Decorate the cake directly at the venue but this does not include the intricate icing. For the icing, ensure you have a refrigerated transport system so that it doesn’t melt away into the cake.

A lot of reputed cake shops and bakeries that have online cake delivery in Sikar or any part of India ensure that all the items of the cake’s ensemble are in place when the item is being delivered to you. This is why it is essential to pick only the best and most professional bakeries to help you with all your cake baking needs especially if it is a customized tiered cake!