Tips to help you when buying the best Spanish wine online
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Tips to help you when buying the best Spanish wine online

An increasing number of people are buying wines online. It’s not only the best way to get great wines at genuinely great prices; it also takes away any possibility of embarrassment by shyness or lack of knowledge about what you’re looking for. But there are pitfalls, too – how to ensure that you end up with something that suits your palate and needs?

void meek ‘house’ wines

A famous wine shop owner once told me that one of her golden rules was never to buy poor-quality wine simply because somebody might like it. I agree with this philosophy, so let’s say no more about these bottles. Let’s talk instead about occasions where mediocre or cheap offerings can be very worthwhile indeed.

So…when NOT to buy cheap wines

When you want to impress someone who knows a lot about wine, or when you’re organizing a dinner party and want your bottles to be all equal in quality. There is no point in buying an expensive wine for the host and then cheaply filling up their side of the table with plonk (unless, like me, you don’t mind). I always try and match my wines with the host’s tastes when it comes to cost so that everybody gets something they enjoy – it makes for a much more enjoyable evening.

When should you buy cheap wines?

Only when there’s nothing else available. It’s not much fun drinking rubbishy wine just because it was the only thing that fit the budget, but if you’re stuck, then go for it. Otherwise, I recommend saving your pennies for something more excellent.

Now that we’ve covered when not to buy cheap Spanish wine online Australia, let’s have a look at some of the occasions where they can be a great option:

When you’re cooking at home and need an affordable bottle to pair with your meal

Spanish wine online Australia

When you’re on a tight budget but still want to enjoy a drink or two with friends

When you want to introduce someone to wine and don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by the price tags

In these cases, there’s no shame in reaching for an inexpensive wine that isn’t going to set the world on fire but will have a place in your glass.

When you need a well-rounded wine to see you through a family meal

If you’re cooking a special dinner and want a nice bottle for yourself but also need something that won’t be too sharp when shared with children or elderly relatives, then it’s worth buying an inexpensive plonk that can handle being passed around an increasingly eclectic series of tastes.

When trying out new wines for fun rather than serious evaluation

Sometimes we just want to experiment and enjoy ourselves without putting too much effort into it. By all means, go ahead and buy some bottles from every different price point – there’ll always be one or two that you genuinely love, and that night will always be a good memory.

When you’re entertaining friends at home

This is one of my favorite uses for cheap plonk. I buy some bottles of wine specifically to drink with/for guests rather than myself since I’m generally less interested in spending hours tasting things when I can relax more around friends. If it’s something I don’t really want to keep, again I’ll go for an inexpensive but pleasant bottle – if they enjoy it enough to steal the glass, then maybe next time they’ll bring their own!