Time boss

You own a packaging and courier delivery service. A key part of your daily activities is to get your employees to report and deliver packages on time. While you have a small pool of delivery boys your simple issue to keep a track of their activities and assign them delivery tasks which need to be completed on time. Our software helps you with Employee Scheduling.

One of the key features of our software is to allot tasks and activities to various employees. Employee Scheduling is made simple and easy with use of the Timeboss software. You can assign delivery slots to your employees and record their clock in and clock out times. This will give you an overview of their activities. You can also identify factors which affect their productivity. This will help to plan ahead and redraw their schedules.

Task management is a crucial activity which the HR teams of various companies spend vital time on. Employees in each function are assigned activities by management. But often the management complains that employees are wasting time or are not utilized totally. This software can help create daily task schedules for employees, so that they have a picture of what they ought to complete and in what time frame. As this software can record actual time spent, the manager will have an excellent idea on how productive and employee is and how time consuming a task can be. This leads to creating better schedules for employees.

The employee’s schedules can also be switched or mass-assigned. If you want to edit or cancel an activity for an employee, you can do so with the Timeboss software. On a day to day basis, Timeboss records the in and out time as well as leaves of absence. The employee can also log in to the dashboard and apply for leave. This can be remotely approved or disapproved via the dashboard.

Whereas earlier your HR was manually recording an employee’s daily activity, in and out time or time spent on tasks, this software will automate these tasks. The reports generated with this software will help define your HR policy and hire as well as retention policies.