Things You Need to Know About RPM

If you decide to ride your way to a healthier life, it is time that you change your exercise to RPM fitness class. RPM (Rotations Per Minute) is a popular indoor cycling workout. In RPM, you can control the intensity and pace. Many consider RPM because it is fun and low impact but it allows you to burn up to 675 calories per session.

What is RPM?

This 45-minute workout basically includes hill climbs, flat riding, and sprints. Ultimately, this exercise involves maintaining your heart rate at an aerobic training base with interposed peaks of intensity. This blend builds cardio endurance, which burns fats effectively.

What do you do during the exercise?

RPM can tone your legs and trim your tummy. You do not need to master fancy moves because the routines are pretty simple – you just jump on a bike and pedal. However, it does not mean that RPM is monotonous.

The instructor can lead you through the basic cycling stances. You need to expect stimulated sprints, hill climbs, and interval training. With the help of the instructor, the workout is carefully structured pushing you to your cardio peak.

How about the results?

The key to a positive result is the varying level of intensities. These intensities will help you maximise muscle adaptions thereby producing comprehensive health benefits. According to Les Mills research, individuals completing at least three RPM workouts a week showed positive results in just eight weeks of RPM. It reduced their body fat, improve cardio fitness and decreases blood pressure/cholesterol levels.

Do you need to be an experienced rider?

What’s great about RPM is you do not need any riding experience to enjoy its benefits. You should not worry because the instructor will lead the workout session. You just need to follow the instructions. Keep in mind that you also control your personal pace and resistance level. This means that everything will depend on you.


How to increase the challenge?

You control your pace and resistance levels but if you decide to increase the challenge, you can simply spin the resistance dial on your bike. It is crucial that you add more resistance to your routine to challenge your muscles and intensify cardio.

What do you need for the workout?

For better results, it is recommended that you do this exercise twice or thrice a week. You can complement your workouts with strength training to intensify flexibility and core training. You just need an indoor cycle and normal gear. If you want a comfortable ride, you can consider cycle shorts and specialised shoes.

How to spin smarter?

Here are some tips for beginners on how to spin smarter:

• Arrive early: you should arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts. This is crucial because it takes a few minutes to fit your bike. Do not hastily set up your bike because a bad set up can be incredibly uncomfortable.
• Check alignment: in RPM, it is important that you observe a good cycling posture. This includes slightly hinging forward at the hips, little pressure on the knees, wrists, and back and minimal rounding of shoulders and back.
• Stop competing: RPM can be competitive but you should not feel pressured to outperform your neighbors.