Things We Need To Understand About Non-REM and REM sleep cycles

Usually, a person goes through four stages of sleep during a complete sleep cycle.  The most important being the Non REM and the REM sleep cycle.  Let us check out some details about both these sleep cycles and why they are important.

A normal sleeper goes through four stages of sleep, stage 1,2 and 3 are the Non-Rem sleep and the REM sleep.  A sleep cycle is a change that a sleeper goes through from the Non-REM sleep to the REM sleep.  First, a sleeper starts with the N-REM sleep and then a shorter period of REM sleep.  A sleeper does not go straight to the REM stage of sleep, they first start with light sleep to deep sleep and then return back to a light sleep.  The sleep cycle process would be around 4 to 5 cycles throughout the night, which would last for 90 to 120 minutes.

Let us check out what happens during the Non-REM sleep:

A sleeper goes through 3 stages of sleep and each stage can last for 5 to 15 minutes.   A sleeper definitely goes through all the 3 stages of sleep before getting the REM sleep.

  • Stage 1:  This phase usually lasts for 5 to 10 minutes.  It is very easy to wake up and you are quite alert during the first stage of sleep.  Your eyes are closed but you can get alert also easily.
  • Stage 2:  Your body temperature reduces, you get into a light sleep and your heart rate also slows and it is during the second stage of sleep that your body is preparing for deep sleep.
  • Stage 3:  This stage is usually referred to as the deep sleep stage,  and waking a person during this stage is quite difficult.  The brain waves are called delta waves due to the large amplitude and slow speed.  It is during this N-REM stage that the body strengthens the immune system, regrow and repair tissues and help build the bones and muscles and it is the most remedial stage.

During the 3rd stage of sleep, it is hard to wake up due to any outside sound or disturbance.  This is the healthier stage of sleep where the human growth hormone is released and helps the body and muscles to relieve from the day’s stress, so the mattress you sleep on matters a lot.  You should not wake during this stage due to uneasiness or your mattress, so consider to buy a mattress for good night sleep.

What is REM Sleep?

Usually, REM sleep is the most important and deepest stage of sleep and also brain-restorative part of sleep.  During eight hours of sleep, an adult sleeper spends only around one and a half hours in REM sleep.  A normal sleeper might experience around three to five REM periods throughout the eight hours of sleep and might also experience the longest REM period before waking up for the day.  Sleeping on a good mattress makes a huge difference so you can also check out and buy the best bed mattress online.  It is also referred to as paradoxical sleep, due to its respiratory and neurological resemblance to alertness. It is very important to maintain a healthy brain function.

Why we need REM Sleep?

No matter how long you sleep, REM sleep is very important to feel refreshed and stay active the next day.  REM sleep helps you stay stimulated and fresh once you get up.  REM sleep is very essential to eliminate daytime sleepiness and weakness.  It helps you to stay focussed and helps improve your performance.

REM sleep plays a vital role in repairing and guarding the brain. To improve and boost REM steep maintain a soothing nighttime routine and give a signal to the brain that you are feeling sleepy.  Take a bath, read a book, and also check out the best mattress to buy and sleep to get a good nights sleep.

All the stages of sleep are equally important, so get going, hit the bed and get a good night’s sleep.  Good Night!