Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling with Toddlers

Travelling is a fun yet a difficult task for anyone when you have a small baby with you. Travelling alone has many difficulties and when you add a small and sensitive companion with yourself on the journey, you have to be extra careful and alert regarding the comfort and safety of the baby. Small babies require extra attention and care than adults and travelling with them can turn into a big risk. In order to avoid such risks and unfortunate events, following are some of the travelling tips required when you are travelling with a baby.

Pack wisely – While travelling with a small infant, it is advisable to the parents that they pack wisely and take their time to ensure that they have got all the essentials for the baby. Do check the baby’s luggage twice or thrice to make sure that you have kept all the necessary stuff and do lose the not so important things as they add up to the luggage with no use at all.

Food for the baby– For young and new parents it is essential to understand the kind of food and nutrition to be given to the babies. They should also take care of the food they are carrying with themselves. They should make sure that the food is packed in enough quantity for the baby and the same product is available to the destination as well. The mothers should carry food in tightly packed containers, clean bottles, and utensils for the baby.

Baby wipes and tissues– Baby vomits and pees a lot. Parents should be handy with the wipes and tissues or to keep their babies clean and hygienic.

Bibs – Bibs are a piece of cloth that covers the torso of the babies and avoids the baby’s clothes from getting stained or dirty from food or vomiting or spitting which the babies often do.

Clothing and diapers– When travelling with a baby, the baby should be dressed in comfortable and loose clothes. They should be dressed light and should be properly covered to protect themselves from cold. Also, they should be dressed in layers so that in case of an increase in temperature it could be quickly taken off to avoid uneasiness for the baby.

Creams and lotion– These are essential for skin and body care for small babies. Parents should not use harsh products on the baby’s skin or try any new product from their destination as it can cause rashes or any other harmful skin effect on the baby’s sensitive skin.

Books and Music– You should carry your baby’s favourite song or story the baby likes to listen. It keeps your baby in calm and drives his or attention from chaos and provides the baby with a sense of belongingness.

Toys and Favourite things– Bring your infant’s favourite toys and assemble like a blanket and all the stuff he feels connected and associated with so that he can feel comfortable and cozy. The baby’s favourite stuff can make him feel at ease and will be useful in his sleep. Also, cover the eye of the infant to avoid lights falling into his eyes to get him a sound sleep.

The span of the Trip– Babies and infants tend to get tired quickly and often. Hence, it is advisable for the parents to take short trips or trips with intervals. Trips with various trips and intervals will allow your baby to move into different positions rather than sitting in the same place or a stroller. Also, the baby gets to see various places which give the baby more creative and vibrant thinking.

Best time to travel– It is best to travel on planes or in cars when the baby is asleep, it will neither disturb the baby’s sleep and will cause no problems to the parents at the time of the journey.

The right seat– You should book a place with your baby on planes. It is best for the baby if he or she is seated with his or her parents. Choose your seats wisely and get various offers available on

Adventure on the trip– Go to swimming with your baby or sight-seeing on your trip. Babies love seeing new things and experiencing it. Planning adventurous things and events with your babies is a fun experience.

Travelling with a baby needs lots of preparation and the one thing that can cause a severe effect on your baby is the time difference babies experience when they travel to another place. The time difference makes the baby cranky, and they always end up crying and not enjoying the holiday. As per doctors, to fix such time differences and time change problems is that change the baby’s schedule at home before the journey. Adjust the baby’s nap time and feeding time to 30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes after, this depends on the place where you are travelling. It will help the baby to adjust according to the time zone of the new location.

Before travelling, the best advice for the baby would be to get a check-up from the doctor. The doctor can advise the baby’s current health and can also state whether it would be right for the baby to take such travel or not. Also, they can subscribe to certain medicines that would fix the minor problems that the babies suffer such as indigestion, constipation, nausea or flu.