The most common reasons Australian visa applicants get refused

The most common reasons Australian visa applicants get refused

A lot of people have the worst nightmare when it comes to being denied for their visa application. Nothing is worse than your wasted effort, money, and the time that you spent in compiling all the visa application requirements just to go to Australia.

Recently, the Australian government has adopted a stricter approach and policy when it comes to granting visas and the Department of Immigration and the Border Protection are very strict in scrutinizing every applicant that they meet by checking many times the pieces of evidence that is supplied to them if it is correct for the respective visa that the applicant is trying to apply. If there are any shortcomings along the way, there is a big percentage that the visa application will get denied.

To give you an overview of what not to say when you are in front of a migration agent during your official interview for your visa application in Australia, here are the most common reasons why people get denied from the 457 visa resource from insurance to bank accounts.

457 visa resource from insurance to bank accounts

  • Wrong visa application- Although it sounds too foolish, it happens regularly according to migration agents. Well, there is a valid reason why there are some people who applied for a wrong visa considering that Australia has more than 140 different types of visas which have its own set of specific requirements and conditions which is why applicants have to submit their visa application by consulting to a migration expert so that they will be guided accordingly to which visa application suits them perfectly.
  • Failed to meet conditions of a previous visa- This is in the case of people who overstayed for a temporary visa that they got approved. Remember, migration agents can access your visa records by simple as a click. So if you have issues with your previous visa, you have a great chance to get denied especially if there is concrete evidence that showed that you abused the conditions that are attached to your previous visa.
  • Lack of information or inconsistent to your application- All the documents that you have submitted are checked thoroughly that is why making sure that you have submitted the correct information is vital to get that sweet approval from the migration agent. Failure to provide all the necessary information and being inconsistent with your application will lead to getting denied.
  • Failure to meet the health requirements set by the Australian government- There are also health grounds which are one of the main reasons why people get denied for their visa application because the person with a health condition might become a financial burden on the Australian medical system which is why if you have to be completely healthy to boost your chances to get an approval.

·         Failure to meet the Australian character requirements- the Australian government will instantly deny any applicant who has a criminal record or has involvement in misdemeanors. The Australian government wants a migrant who has a good character.  The Immigration Minister can revoke a visa that has been granted if there is sufficient evidence that shows a migrant which has a past criminal activity or record.