The List of 6 Best Summer Flowers to Grow in your Garden

Summer is the sultry time when you don’t feel like going out because of the scorching rays that are physically and mentally hazardous! So, when you want to spend time mostly at home, you can indulge into some nice hobbies like gardening. This is the season of some of the brightest flowers and growing these flowers in your garden would make your stay in this planet a bearable one at least in Summers!

 Aster: This one belongs to the big family of Daisy and is available generally in white, pink, and lavender colors. In ancient times, burning the leaves of this wildflower was believed to ward off evil spirits. This flower is hugely used in perfume making. Imagine how good your home would smell with the presence of this flower. Often this flower is regarded as a talisman of love and patience.

 Gloriosa Daisy: Daisy is one very big family in the world of flowers. This Gloriosa Daisy is one of the most beautiful of this family with bright golden petals radiating from the chocolate centers on 2- to 4-inch-wide flowers. It would give a great sight to your home. This flowering plant attracts a lot of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds and therefore it would be a wonderful sight to see the tenants of Nature at play!

 Dahlia: The best thing about this flower is the variety of colors you get. Red, pink, purple, white, blue, green, etc. are some of the color types you would get. The underlying message that this flower narrates is that – one should celebrate the difference one carries and one should not hold back the self for the challenges put in front, instead keep moving ahead with the spirit. In the Victorian age, this flower was used to signify the everlasting bond and commitment between two people. If you had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend, select some Dahlias, and get the same day flower delivery in Dubai using any famous online florist shop.

 Gaura: How about a flower that looks like a butterfly! Yes, if you want something artistic in your garden, you must plant this wonderful Gaura flower plant. The white flowers clusters together to form the shape of a butterfly and thus gives a visual treat to people.

 Pineapple Lily: The name is an interesting one – isn’t it? But obviously, this is not a pineapple! This flower belongs to the Asparagus family and is summer seems to be the favorite season for its growth. Grow it in a colorful pot in your garden and when it is in full bloom, bring it in your living room and mesmerize your guests.

 Peony: Here comes a fragrant flower that looks like a cousin of Rose! This flower is believed to symbolize romance, prosperity, good fortune, and happy marriage. So, to bring in more shower of love and romance in your home, you must bring this flowering plant this summer season.

 Take your time and grow these best plants in your garden to keep the humid Summer season an enjoyable one!