The Ideal Banquet For the Ideal Wedding

The Ideal Banquet For the Ideal Wedding

Every wedding is a dream. That’s why wedding preparations always the longest and the hardest.

Pretty much everything you dreamed of must be planned a year or so before the wedding day. That includes choosing the best wedding gown, suit, and tie, bride’s maid gowns, flowers, venues, and guests. Most likely, what comes very important is choosing the ideal venue for your ideal wedding.

The best weddings, of course, deserve the best venue where guests could lounge in, enjoy and dine. Thus looking for the best venue requires a lot of thinking, and it also includes a lot of considerations.

If you are looking for a wedding banquet in Penang, this blog post can help! Let’s see what we got here.

Before Tying the Knot 

You dreamed of having the best and memorable wedding of the year. Remember that it is not just a moment for you and your husband to be, but it is also a cherishable event for your witnesses and guests, that’s why you have to make sure that you are eyeing and  looking for a wedding banquet in Penang.

Here are a few tips you need to do and consider… 

1 Talk it to your planner 

Your planner is the one who does everything from you— gowns, food, cake, ring, and even the venue. You have to make sure that they understand what your wedding concept it and how they can align it with the type of banquet and venue you are having.

looking for a wedding banquet in Penang

2 Choose a venue that aligns with your vision

You always have this dream since you were a little, or the searches you did on Pinterest and Instagram— these are the things you must consider in choosing a venue. If you want a modern wedding, then consider looking at art galleries, well-designed restaurant spaces, hotels or warehouses. You must choose a venue that fits in with your theme and somehow enhances it.  See to it that you and your guests and can feel connected with your venue.

3 Know your guest list

Always check the people you are inviting in. will you be needing a huge space for the banquet? Will there be kids? Basically, knowing how many guests you are expecting before you go looking for a wedding banquet in Penang makes everything easier and lesser heartaches down the road. You must see to it that you choose a venue that can fit everyone that you are inviting— consider also the food package. Doing so will also help you break down your budget.

4 Consider your guest’s experience 

Remember, this wedding must be memorable not only for you and your partner but as well as to the people who have been part of it. You must make sure that more than anything, their experience is not compromised. Sure, you might have the dream wedding of the year but if your guests do not feel like it, then it would still be not worth it.

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