The Facts That You Should Know About Exclusive Deals

Exclusive deals are these deals that are offered to clients that meet specific criteria. Like getting a free burger if you buy 10 burgers in a single order. You can’t get that promotion if buy burgers in other brands or burgers in multiple purchased to equate to 10 burgers, it has to be just one single purchase.

There is this appeal to being exclusive, in a customer perspective, if you got that deal means you got something that no other people has. To get the deal, that product, that item, that service that no people can but you did creates this sense of accomplishment that you availed an exclusive deal! People get enticed by it especially if you put in that “exclusive” tag into it.

It’s a marketing:

People usually ask if companies will lose profit in all of these deals. They don’t really, in fact, they will gain more, using the burger’s again as an example, here’s it is. If that burger joint has been relentless to throw a hundred burgers a day in the dump, that is a loss profit, but if they do this promotion of buying 10 burgers in one single order to get a free one, they win. Why? because there will be lesser or no burger that will go to waste, the lost profit can be profitable, and they are also taking into account the people that bought more burgers that never got the promotion. Their loss became their profit, so even if you got a free burger, they already sold you 10. And you’re just one customer, they got hundreds of customers a day.

It’s a good way to offer other sales and services:

If people are buying 10 burgers to get 1 burger free for 11 people to save money is what people thought. But if you’re going to a burger joint, are you just going to buy a burger? Certainly not, while the free burger is a promotion, the fries, the drink, the apple pie, the sundae, the hash browns, the milkshakes and all that are not free. It’s a value-added service. So if a customer buys 10 burgers and get 1 burger free, they will still order 11 drinks, 11 side dishes and so on and that’s only for a single purchase. It’s a way to gain more profit and all the customer got was just 1 free burger.

The burger joint is not just the company that is doing this, all business that sees this opportunity are applying it. Especially hotels, (no it’s not a free burger), but the exclusive deals. In Hong Kong where there are a ton of hotels around Hong Kong hotels exclusive deals are pretty common. Hotels might make more money out of it and you can’t take that away from them. What you need to always ask yourself and know is which hotels offer a great value for money versus the other hotels, that way it’s a win2x.