The Career of a DBA Consultant – Sharing Some Crucial Information

Are you planning for a career in database administration? Well, Oracle is one of the leading databases in the world enjoying the widest range of acclamation. It is also quite complex because of the comprehensive set of features it includes. Mastering this complicated database solution can take some time. But, once you do, it will become easier to grab a job as an Oracle DBA. It is a lucrative career prospect promising extensive growth and amazing opportunities that allow you to show your skills and expertise. It is fun if you are in love with database and related concepts.

The PayScale

On an average, an Oracle DBA expert earns somewhere in the range of $100,000 – $300,000 annually. Those who are planning to enter the production DBA role, have a chance to earn somewhere between $250,000 – $500,000.

It may sound amusing, but a senior Oracle DBA consultation expert may earn an amount equivalent to that of the vice-president of a company. Even a beginner level DBA professional earns a salary equivalent to that of the mid-level management professionals of a big company. The pay-scale does not come for anything; there is a whole lot of responsibilities to be shouldered. The professional has to manage the most important data (related to the purpose) of the company and ensure the absolute security of the same.

How to Become a DBA?

Keep in mind, it requires years of careful preparation to become a DBA. More importantly, it takes the extensive industrial experience to become a professional expert in Oracle database handling and administration. The basic step for anyone trying to achieve success as an Oracle DBA consultant is to enroll in a certified course in database administration from Oracle, post the bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Commitment at its highest level is the ultimate key to success for any job or work you do. The same attitude goes for an Oracle database consultant. You need to be committed to the job 24/7. Yes, you heard it right! There is simply no specific number of working hours for a database administration consultant. The responsibilities are huge and the job may seem to be highly stressful. At times, you may get demotivated due to the thankless nature of the job. You may have to work even during the Christmas holidays to carry out database downtime maintenance. Since the technology keeps changing, updating the system, as per the changing technology is mandatory. You may find yourself working even at nights and during weekends, on a regular basis. But, then, as mentioned before, there is a huge prospect in this work-field. Money simply flows and you can reach levels beyond your expectation. The more you polish your skills through real-time experience, the better will be your chances of flourishing in the DBA field. It may be tough, tricky and hectic to the core; but, working under such a challenging environment helps in polishing the skills and paves the road for a successful career.