The Benefits of Proper Induction for Newly Hired Workers

The Benefits of Proper Induction for Newly Hired Workers

People who already have experience working in the particular industry, or young people who have little to no experience working in any workplace, or in the particular environment they now find themselves in, such as an apprentice working on a construction site as their first taste of work since leaving college, fall into the category of new starters.

Induction training is not only in the best interests of the company, both morally and financially, but it is also a legal requirement for employers to ensure that workers receive proper introduction to work training, particularly a health and safety induction.

The following activities will be included in a good induction program:

  • An overview of the terms and conditions (for example, benefits, how to apply for a leave, working hours, holiday entitlement, how to make expense claims, etc.)
  • Policies, procedures, goals, and rules of the company.
  • Organizational structure and hierarchy
  • Job description with main responsibilities and obligations
  • A brief introduction to the company’s several departments.
  • Working hours, expected behavior, and dress code are all governed by rules.
  • A tour of the workplace space with a guide
  • Setup of a new hire workstation.
  • Job-specific training is available.
  • Reporting manager’s and team’s contact information
  • Work schedule including a brief description of the organization’s goals, KPAs, and KRAs
  • Hand over your identification card, keys, and swipe card.
  • Briefing on the employee handbook

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The Advantages of a Well-Structured Induction Program

  • Induction programs that are well-designed can boost productivity, employee engagement, and retention. They aid in the reduction of employee attrition and short-term turnover. They also assist in boosting employee morale by making new hires feel welcome and at ease in their new surroundings, as well as motivating them to perform at their best. They can also use the application to get a better sense of the larger picture and work toward achieving company goals.
  • These programs can also be beneficial in terms of socialization and forming the necessary relationships for success. They also serve to define expectations and short-term goals for the employee to work toward. Furthermore, well-designed induction programs like an induction training software can greatly speed up processes aimed at assisting new hires in meeting desired competency levels, ensuring that they are more productive in less time.

The induction program should be organized ahead of time to benefit both the firm and the employee. A timetable for the new employee’s induction should be prepared, detailing the activities over a specified length of time (preferably at least a week), as well as an identified member of staff who will be accountable for each activity. Everyone participating in the induction process, including the new starting, should receive a copy of this plan. If not co-created with the new starter, it should be communicated to them in advance if at all possible.