Technology in Our Homes

In the last decade, technology has been improving faster than anyone could have ever imagined. While technology has changed the way we communicate with one another on our phones and laptops, it has also changed the things that we put in our homes. The ever-changing technological advancements have changed many of the things that we put in our homes to make our lives better and easier. Here are some of the top ways that technology has changed the things in our homes.

#1) Bedding

In the past we used to have to drive to a mattress store, lay down on mattresses for hours, negotiate with a sales representative, rent a truck to haul a mattress and then unload it into our home just to get a new mattress. This is no longer the case at all. Today, we can easily order a mattress in a box. To get a new mattress all you have to do is go online, click purchase, and then wait for the mattress in a box to show up to your front door. The technological advancements in how we buy and ship mattresses have changed drastically to make our lives easier.

#2) Appliances

The appliances that we have in our homes, including our refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and stoves have all had their share of technological improvements in the past few years. Today, you can purchase refrigerators that allow you to digitally adjust the temperature. These same refrigerators also allow you to set reminders and create your shopping list on the door. You can then email the list to your phone so you have it when you go to the grocery store.

Washers and dryers have also changed drastically in the last few years. You can now set your washer and dryer to any cycle imaginable. You can use less water with each load to help reduce your water bill. On some dryers, you can also use a setting where your dryer stops when the clothes are dry. The dryer can sense the amount of moisture in the dryer and shut off when it knows the clothes are dry. This can make your lives easier and significantly reduce your electric bill.

#3) Bathroom Fixtures

For many years, the bathroom fixtures in homes remained unchanged. Today there are endless options for homeowners to choose from, including a variety of showerheads, toilets, sinks, vanities, and faucets. Many of the highest quality faucets now use infrared sensors to detect when to turn the water on and off. This invention was mainly used in public places but more and more people are starting to put these faucets in their homes to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Technology has also played a role in the upgrade of toilets. Today many toilets have a seat warmer to help keep your bottom warm in the early morning hours. These same toilets also move the lid up and down with a sensor to reduce the spread of germs. These toilets and others also use less water with each flush to help you save money. If you are looking to upgrade your toilet and live like Europeans, you may choose to get a toilet that has a water spraying feature, called a bidet. This water feature allows you to reduce the need for toilet paper in the home because the toilet can clean you.

#4) Furniture

All furniture stores today have an endless supply of furniture that you can purchase for your home. Many of the high-end furniture stores have furniture equipped with technology that allows you to live the way you want. For instance, recliners now do not have the handle to move it up and down, but rather have a remote or an electronic switch to allow you to effortlessly move the seat up and down.

Other technological advancements in our furniture also include electric fireplaces, smart televisions, and more. One of the most popular furniture pieces that people are purchasing includes coffee tables that you can remotely move up and down. The adjustable feature on this furniture piece makes it much more convenient for people trying to reach things on their coffee table.

There have been numerous benefits that technology has had on our homes and there will surely be many more in the future.