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    Be One with Nature with Oakwood Watches from Lux Woods

    Electronic devices like smartphones and tablets have taken over the world and transformed it into a digital one. Yet, watches remain to be as popular as they ever were even with the changing trends.

    If you wish to add a sense of completion and a touch of elegance to your outfit, a well-designed watch will do the trick. Watches come in various styles and can be made of several different materials such as metal, plastic, or wood.

    Wooden watches have gained popularity when compared to their counterparts as they provide all the advantages of ordinary watches with a touch of eco-friendliness. Every wooden watch is unique in its own sense and is a rare possession for any watch collector.

    Wooden watches have several advantages when compared to their counterparts. Some of them are-

    • They are biodegradable and hence, do not cause any harm to the ecosystem.
    • As wooden watches are crafted using wood, every one of them has a unique texture. Their rich colors also add to their uniqueness.
    • They are affordable when compared to their synthetic counterparts.
    • People who are allergic to metals and other materials can purchase wooden watches easily without having to worry about any allergic reactions.
    • Wooden watches are easy to wear, lightweight, and can be matched with any outfit for any occasion.
    • Wooden watches are easy to maintain. They do not require any special attention.

    If you’re planning to buy wooden watches online, then your search ends here. Visit the official Lux Woods watch website- luxwoodwatches.com to find several beautiful timepieces. Lux Woods watches gained worldwide popularity as a leading, high-quality watchmaker with excellent customer service.

    Let us look at some of their products-

    • The Oakwood Wood Watch- Zebrawood

    With a price tag of $79.97 on the official website, the Oakwood wood watch is surely going to turn heads at the next party that you’re planning to attend. This Oakwood wooden watch is handmade using exceptional quality Zebrawood. You can adjust the wooden band of the watch easily by removing or adding wooden links as required. With a 45mm face, this watch is the perfect mix of two elements- modern and elegant. Also, the watch is powered by a high-quality, precision battery, giving it a lifetime of 3-5 years.

    If you’re a person who loves to give personalized gifts, then this wooden watch should be your number one choice. You can add a custom engraving of your choice to this watch and pay a reasonable price of $15 at the checkout. All the engravings are done in-house within a short duration of time such as 2 business days or less.

    The Oakwood wood watch comes with a one-year mechanical warranty and in an environmentally friendly box which can be recycled.

    • The Oakwood Wood Watch- Chanate

    Priced at $89.97 on the official website luxwoodwatches.com, this Oakwood watch is a must buy for every watch collector. The watch is handcrafted using high-quality Chanate wood and weighs around 5 oz. But what exactly is Chanate wood? It’s a beautiful, grainy brown wood whose origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt. This wood has several characteristics which make it a highly desirable material to manufacture watches. Some of the features are:

    • The wood is extremely dense.
    • It’s highly stable and hard.
    • The wood can efficiently endure movement and warping.
    • It has an attractive grainy texture; hence, giving the watch a modern yet sleek look.

    This Oakwood Watch is designed to have a circular, large face adorned by large numbers and a perfect craft bezel. These small details give the watch a classic look. Also, the wooden band of the watch can be adjusted as there are wooden links that can be added or removed as required. The watch comes with a high-quality battery which lasts for quite a long time.

    If you’re planning to gift this watch to your loved ones, then you can get it engraved with a message or symbol of your choice. All custom engravings are done in-house with high precision and cost an additional $15. This modern yet eco-friendly wood watch is shipped at affordable prices inside an eco-friendly, recyclable watch box.

    Every time you buy a Lux Woods watch, you’re promoting a healthy, clean environment as a tree is planted for every purchase. Lux Woods watches aim to make the earth a greener place to live in by planting at least 1 billion trees by the year 2025. Also, the money collected is used for another benevolent cause- feeding hungry children. With just one click, you’re helping the environment, feeding a child as well as being one with nature with a beautiful, wooden watch from Lux Woods.