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    The Traction Bed- Types and Equipments

    Traction is a common terminology which belongs to Orthopaedic field. The traction is a mechanism which is used for straightening of broken bones or relieving the pressure from skeletal system and spine. Traction is of various types that is performed on different parts of the body.

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    The types of Traction are as follows:

    1.Spinal traction

    Spinal traction is one of the most common types of decompression therapy that helps in relieving the pressure from the spine of a person. The traction is performed manually or mechanically. It is used in the treatment of pinched nerves, sciatica, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease and other back conditions.

    2.Skeletal traction

    The skeletal traction is used for the treatment of fracture caused in femur or thighbone. Skeletal traction is believed to be the best form of treatment when great force is needed to be applied on a specific area. The skeletal traction helps in directing the application of pressure on the affected site. The type of traction helps in applying extra weight with less risk of any damage to the surrounded tissue.

    3.Buck’s Skin traction

    The skin traction is used in case of hip fractures, lower backache and femoral fracture in the lower limb. The skin traction does not help in the fracture in any way, but it does help in getting relief from the pain.

    4.Cervical traction

    The cervical traction is minimal stretching of the neck that helps to create a space between the Vertebrae. The traction keeps the spinal discs healthy. It can also be achieved by yoga, chiropractor or assisted stretching. Cervical traction can be done by a massage therapist or physical therapist.

    Use of Traction:

    1.Regaining length or alignment of the bone involved

    2.Lessening of the muscle spasms

    3.Relieve pressure from spinal cord or nerves

    4.Prevent Skeletal deformities

    Traction is generally not used as in individual treatment but a part of the wholesome treatment plan. The prescription of the physician will be inclusive of following:

    1.The type of traction bed

    2.Weight applied while treatment

    3.Taking care of pins, wires, and tongs inserted while treatment

    4.Neurovascular check frequency

    5.Site care of straps, harness, and halters

    6.Discontinuing the treatment

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