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    What Does a Brand Oriented Product Mean?

    In developing product-oriented brands, a key type of problem is identified, and then solutions are made that are suitable for any group of users who are related to the problem. Get help from experiential marketing toronto.

    Such brands include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Marlboro, Gugl.

    Coca-Cola has based its entire branding approach to solving a simple problem – thirst and satisfaction with different types of consumers. This company does nothing but Coca-Cola, but this trademark provides users in various ways.

    Only a few ingredients (sugar and caffeine) and delivery methods (bottle or cane) have changed in production, and the consequence is that they have a wide variety of consumers.

    A few examples of different offers: for a family – a bottle of two liters; for weight-bearing people – dietary coca-cola cans, fast food restaurants – endless coca-cola fountains; for hotel bars – glass bottle.

    The same product meets different types of customers and their diverse needs. If you look at the various advertising campaigns of Coca-Cola, you will notice that everything is focused on the joy that this product offers. Various people, of different ages, appear in the campaigns, but one product makes them happy.

    How do you determine which category your brand belongs to?

    There is a simple test for determining the type of brand you are working with. If you are a marketing expert, it is very important, first and foremost, that you know what you do not need to do.

    Grant Lang, who has been working on branding and marketing for years and has worked with many large and small companies, advises you to stick to the rules: “Do not change consumers if you have a brand that is customer-oriented. And do not change the product, if your brand is focused on it. ”

    It may sound banal, but examples from life prove that it is not so. Ferrari is an example of a brand that has lost focus at one point.

    Ferrari has its ideal buyer – it’s a swift guy who likes speed. And then they decided to introduce a new model for rich mothers. All because they do not understand their focus. ”

    What is a litmus test?

    It’s very simple. If you have a brand whose logo you want to place somewhere on your body, or as a sticker on your car, it’s a consumer-oriented brand.

    If you have a high opinion of the brand, but you do not want to carry it on yourself or in a similar way, it’s a brand focused on the product.

    If you do not want to wear a brand and you do not have a high opinion of it, it’s just a bad brand.

    To gain and retain a large number of customers from the market, brand awareness and proper marketing guidance are immensely important. If you want to learn more about techniques and tools for understanding customers and brands, how to link this knowledge with the creation of appropriate products, services and offers, as well as methods of selecting the best way to deliver a message, get attention and deliver real value to customers, then Marketing management is an ideal career for you.

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