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    Conventional Shower Curtains vs. Frameless Shower Doors

    Some individuals give a good thought about which option would be better for them:  conventional shower curtains or shower doors that are frameless. To understand which option is appropriate for your needs, you need to be aware of the benefits and demerits that accompany these products. In this way, you shall be able to save a lot of time, money and energy. Moreover, you will also not end up having regrets about your decision.

    Shower Curtains

    Your shower curtains are considered among the most popular enclosures for shower area which we all need in our home. As this section is very much familiar among people than the frameless doors which are still new to the market, more individuals use the shower curtains as opposed to the latter choice. The key advantage of using shower curtains is their popularity and price among the people.

    Moreover, they are also already known to the market and happen to have a wide range of designs, shades, textures, and colors that can complement the decor and accessories that are already used in your bathroom. They do not need any customized measurements as defaults measurements are already considered.


    Shower curtains are available in different stores, malls and online. The delivery is also very convenient as the material is very light and can be packaged by simply folding the shower curtains without any issue. The traditional shower curtains can be easily replaced with use if you happen to decide for changing the ambiance of your bathroom.


    The main disadvantage that comes along with the small price is that the quality of these shower curtains can be low. This can result in the discoloration and tears of the materials, leading you to spend more time in buying other shower curtains. Moreover, the aspect that the material of the shower curtains is very light that the wind can easily blow the curtain off, leaving one with no privacy.

    And if the shower curtains are allowed to be outside the location of the shower, the water will keep dripping on the floor, spoiling and endangering the life of the users. The stains of soaps that are left behind on the shower curtains can assist in the growth of mold or mildew which is another headache to deal with. Getting shower with such things can cause health damages to you and your family.

    Frameless Doors

    These doors are under innovation even now in the category of shower accessories. These have a higher price as compared to the conventional shower curtains and also have more advantages. For instance, they are made from the glass door which is tampered and has resistance four times more than the conventional shower doors.

    The overall purpose of the glass is to sustain ten times more than the traditional shower curtains. This will assist the users in preserving them for a longer period and spending less amount of money in the maintenance and replacement expenses.


    The shower doors are frameless and have a smooth texture which it very convenient to clean and maintain. This way, you shall not have to pay thousands of dollars for the maintenance. You can also use normal soap and water for a shower for the cleaning and rinse purpose.