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    How to Secure the Internet from Less Trustworthy People

    The Wi-Fi connection is much useful these days to connect the system to the internet. One can just click on the Wi-Fi button and if the settings on the system are saved the router immediately gets connected, and one can access the internet without any trouble.The router is the main instrument with the help of which one can access the internet, but at the same time is the device to which the users pay less attention particularly to the safety features. Usually, it is fixed by the technicians, and they are used to set with common passwords and with default settings which can be easily accessed by anyone who has a little knowledge of this technology also. Such people can easily enter the router settings and use one’s connection unofficially. The most surprising part is one may not be aware of the intruders also to his network until the data is finished or one is asked to pay the bill by the service provider. Another serious threat is of hackers who can easily access the routers with common settings. One can just access the router from the Internet and copy the data as well as misuse one’s connection also, and therefore, it is of paramount importance to take necessary measures to secure the router.

    In such a case the biggest question is what are the measures one can take to safeguard the router. Well, here are a few tips, provided that can help on how to secure the internet from less trustworthy people and protect the router from unauthorized usage.

    1.Change the password:The best option is to change the password from the default password and set a new password. The new password must be a little tricky one that no one can easily guess and try to change. One can set an alphanumeric password which is considered as much safer. One can also change the password frequently and need not share the same with any other person. In the case, one needs to provide the connectivity to someone, he only needs to enter the password in the concerned device and after such use, change the same again.

    2.Use WPA2 encryption: This is considered as the safest option to save the password and router from being used unofficially. However, one needs to have a difficult password set for this method of encryption also that no one can break it.

    3.No file sharing: While setting the connection of the router, it asks if one wants to share the files with others. If one does not want to allow the file sharing and encourage the un official use of the same,one can disable this option.

    4.Change SSID: SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. One can change it with the help of router setting, and hence one cannot detect the router easily which discourage him from intruding.There is always a threat to the safety of the router from unauthorized use and intrusion, but one can safeguard it by these different methods to a great extent.