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    Common Issues You May Face with Refrigeration Units

    When running a commercial kitchen, it becomes inevitable that one should invest in quality equipment such as cookers, cookware, dishwashers, and refrigeration units. Due to the heavy usage of this equipment, it is not unusual that this equipment may become faulty at one point or another.

    A faulty refrigeration unit will stall your normal operations. But what are the main issues that you may encounter with your fridge unit that require commercial refrigerator repair in Salt Lake City? Here are some of them:

    Power Issues

    You may notice that the refrigerator is having issues with powering. Power issues will render the whole refrigeration unit non-functional. However, before you can verify that the refrigerator has power issues, you will need to diagnose a few things.

    First, confirm that there is a power supply in your premises. Second, ensure that the power cords are installed well and are in the right shape. Power issues with refrigerators are usually as a result of power supply connections.


    In the refrigerator, there is usually a unit known as the compressor whose sole purpose is to cool the food. When this unit in non-functional, the refrigerator will not cool the food, and that will mean that the unit will not preserve the food.

    Refrigeration Units

    When purchasing a refrigerator, the manufacturer has guidelines on how the cleaning process of the compressor should be. Usually, the compressor requires cleaning after three months. The build-up of grease, dirt, and hair is usually the cause of compressor-malfunctioning.

    Evaporator Fan

    Are you experiencing freezing in the fridge and collection of ice in your unit? A faulty evaporator fan unit is the culprit for this problem. Correcting this problem will require you to switch off your fridge to allow the ice to melt from the evaporator.

    The evaporator contains coils which should be clear. You can find the right ways to clean the coils from the fridge’s manual. If the part that is freezing is only a portion of the coil, then it means that the fridge has a minimal charge.

    Lighting Problems

    Noticed a lamp in your fridge unit? Sometimes the light may refuse to light, but that is a minor problem. Diagnosing this problem entails checking the lights.

    Most fridge units have LED lights for lighting. When replacing an LED light, first confirm whether the lights are compatible with the model of our fridge. Using the wrong LED lights risks damaging electrical sockets of your unit. The manual contains the appliances you should use when repairing or replacing your fridge.

    Temperature Issues

    Temperature problems with your fridge may entail a few issues, such as a fridge that is not cooling or one that is overheating. Your fridge has an optimum temperature that it should operate within to preserve the stored food.

    Therefore, when your unit has a temperature problem, it is imperative that you repair the fridge as quickly as possible. Correcting this problem may entail a few things; examining the positioning of the fridge. The fridge should be in a well-circulated room for proper flow of air. Due to the constant opening and closure during operation, the fridge should be in a position that will allow normal performance.

    Now that you know the main issues you may encounter with your commercial fridge unit, you are in a better position to identify when an issue comes up. When you notice any of the above issues, contact a fridge specialist for commercial refrigerator inspection and repair services in Salt Lake City. That way, you do not have to halt your operations.