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    Tips on pregnancy signs – early detection and pregnancy planning

    There are many women who are generally not aware about the early symptoms of pregnancy. The experts have suggested few signs which can determine that the lady is expecting. It is advised by the doctors that it takes seven to eight days for the egg to fertilize after the woman conceives. The first sign is the women will have intense and frequent urination urge. This symptom can be because of other reasons also but most of the times this is the sign of pregnancy. One of the early sign of pregnancy is to skip the menstrual cycle. This is the most clear and correct sign. The individual need not be very happy if the menstrual cycle is skipped; pregnancy is not the only reason it could be stress and some types of medication which can also skip the cycle. The person will have heavy nausea and cramps. But this sign is very confusing and often misunderstood.  If you are really struggling to figure out the symptoms it will not be a bad idea to get in touch with a doctor.

    There are many couples who long for a child and for various reasons cannot parent the child hence a pre planning for pregnancy is very important. Some of the reasons for not conceiving while trying to get pregnant could be the body temperature, no proper diet, less of iron content in the body and less amount of exercise. The couples can also consult the doctor and refer to the Pregnancy Test in order to understand the exact reason for non-conception.

    planning before pregnancy

    One of the measures to understand whether the women ovulate is to check the body temperature of the person. If the ovulation is occurring, then the temperature sharply increases and then goes down. Most of the women stop taking the dairy products which are necessary for the body order to maintain their figure. But in case the women are facing problems in conceiving then she should start taking dairy products in required quantity and also go for Pregnancy Test. The best options are the low-fat milk, yogurt etc. the person should also have more intake of folic acid. Lack of iron content also slows down the process of getting pregnant. One can have folic acid from black eyed peas, spinach etc.

    It is very necessary for the expectant mother to understand the details of pregnancy week by week planning before pregnancy. The first week starts with the last day of the menstrual period. In the time period from week one to week four the egg is fertilized and the process of a new life is started. The week details starting from five to week eight; the lady has conceived. This is the right time for the women to get themselves checked for the pregnancy. During the sixth week of the pregnancy the mother can feel the heart-beat of the child. At the starting of the week seven the expectant mother starts getting the feeling of morning sickness. At the end of the eighth week the fetus develops small arms and legs. In the ninth week of pregnancy the body of the mother grows and is adjusted according to the growth of the baby. The movement of the baby starts and by the end of twelfth week the morning sickness reduces.