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    Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

    Your wedding will be something you look back on for years and will have thousands of photos to reminisce through for decades. It will be the happiest day of your life and one where all your favorite styles and designs make up your dream event.

    With all of these factors riding on your back, it is crucial to choose a theme that will alter your wedding to be the best one you ever attend. Not only as the bride but if you were to be a guest.

    Create A Mood Board

    Planning your wedding should be stress free and fun. Connect to your youthful self and make a mood board! Flip through all the wedding magazines you can find and cut out all the things you find visually appealing, relate emotionally to or interests you. Make this even more fun by including glitter, stickers and sequence. Or, if you’re a computer whiz, create a digital mood board.

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    Wedding Theme

    The Venue

    The location of your wedding will deeply impact the theme of your wedding. For example, you wouldn’t have a beach theme if your wedding is in a Christian Church. You will need to match your location to theme of the wedding.

    Select a venue that resonates with you and your style. Look back onto your mood board and see what sort of style the board was filled with. If you found that there were elements of flowers and light colours, maybe look into a Spring themed wedding!

    Don’t Feel the Need to Follow A Trend

    You may feel obliged to follow the latest trends and copy celebrity’s weddings themes. If you want to, go for it! But we always admire a modern and original wedding, they are also always the most memorable.

    After all, ask your mum what she thinks of the little-bow-sheep style bridesmaid dresses and Elvis impersonating celebrant now. You’re better off choosing a theme that resonates with you and your interests that you later won’t regret.

    Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner or Ask for Some Help

    If it fits within your budget, a wedding planner can take some stress off the planning as well as many other added benefits. They have connections and references to many caterers, venues etc. as well as experience in finding what fits best with their clients. This is what they’re best at, take advantage of the ease it offers.

    On the other hand, if you don’t want to dedicate your budget to this service, that’s fine also! Ask a friend, family member or multiple of each to help. By choosing someone that knows you well or has experience in wedding planning they can assist you in making decisions on colours, patterns and other added features of your wedding’s theme.

    Don’t get too stressed with your planning and embrace the help of others. Create an end product you are proud off and build something that you’ll be excited to invite your guests to. Have fun in with your theme and love it!