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    Top 5 Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss

    The current generation has been facing a lot of issues regarding health, due to changed fooding and lodging habits. Homemade food has been replaced with street food, pure water now is mixed with types of minerals, the phrase ‘early to bed and early to rise’ works no more! So, then how do we cope-up with all the consequences that follow? And how many cons are exactly there, to this changed lifestyle? Or should I say what is the cost, we pay for this lifestyle? And the answer is a lot! So, today we would be focussing on one such problem faced by millions of youngsters today, i.e. hair loss. Hair loss is a major issue these days. But, what many people fail to understand is, that how demoralizing it could be!

    So, first we would be talking about the common reasons for hair loss, which could be:

    • Unhealthy eating habits
    • Stress
    • Untimely or less sleep
    • Hormonal problems
    • Hard water usage
    • Chemicals for hair wash
    • Genetic problems
    • Dandruff

    Now that we do know where or what the problems exactly are, we need to find the remedy to it. There are various beauty tips that need minimal input but can be really effective in the long run. The problem is so common and so wide that the thought is to cover a large section of the society. Therefore, you would also find articles on beauty hair tips in Hindi. So, here are a few tryout beauty hair tips, which would give you the desired results:

    1. Coconut– Massage hair root with warm coconut oil, leave for an hour then wash. Or, even coconut milk is proved to be helpful in preventing hair loss. Use coconut milk in the affected area, let it stay the night and wash the next day.
    2. Onion juice– The high amount of sulphur helps hair growth. Apply onion juice on the affected area for 15 minutes, then wash. Do twice a week.
    3. Garlic– Similar to the onion, garlic to has a high content of sulphur. Add crushed garlic cloves to coconut oil; bring it to a boil for a few minutes. Massage it on the scalp once the mixture cools down. Leave for 30 minutes, then wash. Do 2-3 times a week.
    4. Hibiscus– Hibiscus nourishes hair and also prevents hair loss, premature greying of hair and also treats dandruff. Crush a few flowers, mix and make a paste. Apply to scalp for a few hours, then wash.
    5. Egg– Take egg whites, mix a teaspoon of olive oil, beat to a paste-like consistency and apply to entire scalp. Keep for 20min and then wash.

    Apart from the above beauty tips, you can also find other healthy hair tips in Hindi or English, which would include healthy eating habits that are helpful in regaining lost hair. Fruits like blackcurrants, amla, oranges, papaya, and kiwi have a good amount of vitamin c that helps hair growth. So, adopting a few good habits and keeping the above points in mind will effectively reduce hair fall and help in hair growth.