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    Fashion Brainiacs – 5 New Careers for You

    When it comes to working in the fashion industry, it might look like there are only a few pathways to take up, like editor, buyer, designer, or a stylist. But in reality, these designations only represent a very small portion of the entire industry. With significant evolution in the past 10 years, the fashion industry has reached an important stage where opportunities and workflow are enormous. Some increasingly important fashion professions are:


    1. Behavioral Fashion Experts at Work!

    Over the decades, clothing has evolved from practical necessity to an influential decider of our personalities. This has in fact led to the rise of fashion psychologists – who apply theories of psychology to what we wear, keeping in mind that our clothing influences our emotions. In future, all fashion brands would definitely depend on behavioral experts for designing their products.

    1. Fabric Research and Development

    In recent years, several apparel giants like Nike, and Lululemon have been working on developing a new generation of materials. They are focused on enhancing the performance, style, and sustainability of their products. Smart fabrics are fast-growing in the athleisure sector, and have made performance materials a fashion statement. It has led to extended research on fabrics and a whole lot of opportunities.

    1. Anticipating Shopper’s Needs Efficiently

    Brands are focused on anticipating and predicting the shoppers’ needs. So industries are moving from simple statistical analysis to using Artificial Intelligence, and deep learning. Using statistical machine learning and other quantitate methods, data scientists working toward gaining a data-driven insight into customer behavior.


    1. Accelerated ManufacturingWith 3D Print Engineering

    Manufacturing process is the most challenging aspect for a fashion designer. With the invention of 3D printing, manufacturing has turned easier, quicker, and cheaper. Even major players in the industry – Iris Van Herpen and Channel – are experimenting with 3D printed designs. This technology has made fabricating simpler by adding materials as the production process unfolds. Nowadays, more apparel makers have adopted 3D printing because it has the potential to trickle down to the masses.

    1. Personal Stylist

    Hollywood starlets, top executives, and affluent socialites were the ones who had the luxury for personal stylists in the past decade. In recent years,the e-commerce space has developed rapidly; fashion brands, big and small, are catching up fast to leverage the digital marketplace. As a result, online styling services have emergedthat use intelligent algorithms to offer personal styling assistance. Amongst the inflow of new trends in the fashion industry, you’ll find your true calling!